Floating school in Makoko community, Lagos nigeria

In Lagos the Capital City of Nigeria herein lies the Makoko slum where 300,000 people live. This community is known as water community; they live on stilts (a house made up of wood, steel and concrete). Imagine Alexandra Township on the flat land filled with water, that is the Makoko community in Nigeria, Lagos. The place is made up of 6 Villages which are: Oko Agbon, Adogbo, Migbewhe, Yanshiwhe, Songunro and Apollo.

Makoko Floating School is the proudest initiative by members of this community who rely on fishing as their main livelihood. The design of the school shows determination by community members to further develop themselves.

The amazing thing about this community is that even though they are a crowded community that sits on fetid lagoon, Makoko is not a hub for disease or epidemic viruses like Cholera. Doctors without Borders opened a clinic only to close within a year of operating because there was no need, according to the local people. Today there are only networks of informal clinics servicing the community and attending to basic illnesses.

Now the only transportation in this community is boats. Many call this community Venice of Africa, something that should not be entertained. The people of Makoko deserve to be recognized for their ability to live and thrive in a place viewed as impossible to live and be a community in….read more