Should Parenthood become an official subject in schools?

By Dumi Mbona

Learner pregnancy continues to haunt us as a country. We keep coming up with quick fix solutions that have short life spans. I believe that we are missing the crucial piece of the puzzle in trying to figure out how to stop our girls from getting pregnant and falling prey to older men. That crucial piece is the actual main characters to this heartache “the learners” They are the ones facing the situation; it is their reality and so maybe having them as an integral part of finding a solution could bring us closer to eradicating the plague. Condemning the pregnancy itself will always fall onto deaf ears.

And supplying condoms into Primary schools as proposed by officials and experts has to be the most ludicrous idea I have ever heard. It is nothing but a cheap quick fix to a sensitive problem. Already condoms are easily accessible in High Schools but that has not slowed down the rate of teen pregnancy. I believe the message about condoms is everywhere you turn and it is very confrontational, but teen pregnancy keeps escalating at a high rate. Clearly condoms are not the answer.