US TV Presenter, talks about her entertainment journey.

Keldamuzik – Her TV show Diva Talk Tonite is one of the most exciting and educational talk shows in the Bay Area in Carlifornia. It is viewed by millions of people in the US and around the world through various online channels “Diva Talk is an entertainment variety talk show targeting everyone, from my ladies who want to be Divas to my fellas that want to be Divos ha ha”

The word “Diva” has a bossy connotation to it, we asked Keldamuzik why she named her show Diva Talk Tonite “I’ve always been known to label everything I do as Diva, my second album was Diva and everything else I just kind of named it Diva. But also because Diva is a statement for every girl to say that they deserve to be treated with great respect and honour” the “Queen for the Night” hit maker explained.

With so many talk shows on TV these days production companies find themselves going an extra-mile in creating a content that will set them apart from the rest “Diva Talk Tonite is an entertainment variety talk show. I try to include as many comedy sketches in as possible , as well as working with as many actors as possible to make it funnier”

“I’ve always been a fan of those who can make a change in the community”…read more