Why I am a feminist at a young age?

By Kirsty Talita Canham
Grade 08 (Thomas More College)
Instagram: @kirsty_canham

I have always wanted to have a thinner body or just simply perfection to impress a guy who might actually like me. Until feminists in my new high school made me realize that  it’s important to do things for yourself. I’ve always wanted equality for both girls and boys.Though I have always wondered if this change will ever happen, what do we do until then?

Ultimately you change your perspective like I have, I wanted equality yet I wanted to satisfy some boys with my looks. Why not try something for yourself, lose weight for yourself.I am putting myself in a position where I am equal to my male counter-parts whom I would’ve loved to satisfy. That boy or girl shouldn’t be your first priority, put yourself first and see how far you can go independently without a partner to rely on. If you do get a partner then just know they aren’t your life.

I have heard of many stories where someone breaks up with their partner and only start looking “good” after wards to prove something to their ex. Why not prove yourself during that relationship? Stop limiting yourself, everyone can change something about themselves. Even a small change is good If it’s not a gender struggle it’s a race struggle facing women.

As a black teenage girl (mixed race), many people called me black; and they say I’m really not a coloured in order to be a coloured I needed to obtain a certain image to be accepted (one of the many things I despise) You are not black because your skin colour is, or your hair texture is different. Why does race matter so much? This is apparently because of our history since black people were enslaved. I am sure it started way before those times, but really…. Read More