Geometry Pirates, Sundowns and Chiefs illustrations

Pirates, Chiefs and Sundowns vs Maths

South Africa has 3 famous football clubs in Pirates, Sundowns and Chiefs. Mr KWV Sibiya uses these famous clubs to illustrate Maths especially Geometry.

Pirates signs:

Siyabonga Sangweni of Orlando Pirates during the MTN8 match between Orlando Pirates and Supersport United on the 02 August 2014 at Orlando Stadium © Sydney Mahlangu/BackpagePix

Euclidean Geometry

  • Cross multiply

Pirates Sign

  • Vertical Opposite

  • Angles in revolution

and that is adding all angles around the point up to 360 degrees

Sundowns signs:

Analytical Geometry

  • Right Angled

  • Two lines perpendicular and products of their gradients is -1

Chiefs sign:


  • Cosine rule of condition of side angle, in other words the  angle given is between two fingers

  • Application Area

Such illustrations create an ecstatic atmosphere in a classroom which makes learning fun and easy to understand. Learners relax during lessons as a result they become more receptive but most of all they can recall most of what they learned during exams.

The clip below gives an insight to the mood in Mr. KWV class:


Learning is a lifestyle and teachers such as Mr. KWV Sibiya brings meaning to it. Tapping to what most learners identify with is a skill crucial for educators out there. Not everyone will be fun and use football clubs as illustrations to Geonometry but you do have something that you can use which will make learning easy.

It is difficult enough that these critical subjects in Maths and Science are learned in English; now learners have to deal with English terms which sometimes are more difficult to the native speakers of the language also. Therefore Mr. KWV style of teaching goes a long way in leveling the playing fields. Tag My School wants to be a mouth piece for such talent but also give you a place where you can access learning aid.