China-South Africa Consumer Electronics Expo is coming

The Most professional Electronics Expo in SA 

The China-South Africa Consumer Electronics Trade Cooperation, once again brings the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Expo in South Africa; from 23 – 25 November 2017 at the Sandton Convention Center.

This consumer electronics expo is fast becoming a destination event for consumer electronic traders, developers, buyers and consumers seeking a “one stop shop” according to the statement released by ICEES. These consumer electronics equipment intended for everyday use at home for entertainment, communication, home office, and other accessories.

The ICEES 2017 electronic expo will showcase a variety of consumer electronic products. The listed electronic products range from communications, accessories, computer hardware, software and peripherals, portable electronics, game consoles, wireless devices, data storage devices, wireless devices, smart home products, security systems to robots.

The ICEES 2017 is the first Consumer Electronics Trade Cooperation Conference in South Africa. It is aimed at promoting consumer electronics industry exchanges as well as cooperation between the two countries. And its the only professional category consumer electronics show and business platform that invites exhibitors, professional buyers, consumer electronics developers, consumers as well as media under one roof.

The Electronics Expo Press Conference 

TMS attended the ICEES press conference in Sandton Convention Center to get the first hand information for our readers. 200 companies from China and 11 from South Africa will be showcasing their products. This Expo has been to Brazil, Russia as well as India. From SA it will travel to other African countries such as Kenya.

One of the challenges highlighted at the Press Conference was the language barrier. This time there will be interpreters to make sure that smooth trade takes place. There will be a free transportation for Exhibition visitors from Townships surrounding the event venue.

This is such an amazing event for students/learners to attend because you will get to see latest technology innovations. There will be opportunities to form meaningful relationships with companies in attendance. And for the entrepreneurs fixing dealing with electronics this event will be more fruitful for you.

Speaking to Mr. Godfrey from Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), he encouraged learners/students and educators to attend such events not only to consume the products but also to see how they can move from consumer to supplier. Such projects stimulates local business and with China ready to partner with local business opportunities are countless. These electronics will require fixing and that is where partnerships can start and grow into local producing of these devices. Remember that China is shutting down most of their production firms to focus on facilitating similar firms developing countries; therefore they are on a lookout for local business to partner and impart skills. Young people need to position themselves for such opportunities and it starts with attending such events; but also GGDA offices are wide open for them should they wish pursue business opportunities with foreign countries such as China, Mr. Godfrey concludes.

Article by Dumi Mbona