The tale of all young women’s battle

Young Women

Young women’s battle inspired by Sesethu incident

We try so hard to fit in as young women; afraid to go unnoticed, we want to always be on fleek! Craving the attention and praying to be sculpted by the sculptor. Unimaginable deeds are done just to get that attention. Some of us are easily lured to stoop low in order to be loved!

We try very hard to be perfect since perfection is the new virus for young women in this nation and globally. Failing to see perfectly perfected design within us and realize that we worth so much more. The shining light within us is often dimmed by the flashy fancy lifeless “glamorous” lights of the world without.

We think bigger and thinner is better. We cannot unite as young women instead we criticize and pull one another down; Competing to outdo each other rather than to uplift each other. We break when the fake facades leaves us in the dark; left with shattered mirrors and shards of a beautiful girl! It pretty hurts, we cover the pain and cut our woes away but reflection stares us in the eye when we are alone.

Are you happy with who you are?

Listen the world could change in a moment and people could change their hearts in the twinkle of an eye, but let it be no scar to you. We are stars that shine beautifully, we don’t have to prove it to any boys to men!

We are the future mothers of the nation, we are young women not just young but PHENOMENAL young women.

To every girl fighting a losing battle and hurting inside, let me be your mirror so that you can see clearer, the light that shines within you because it shines the brightest in the darkest!

RISE UP YOUNG WOMEN!! Take charge the time is now!! Wear the full armor of God for this battle is not yours!

This is a lament of an African Child who awaits change! Let’s unite women and not wait for men to do something!

An article piece by: Malema Khutso Moodlleyn

To: all young women I LOVE YOU!!

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