Jumanji and Tinkies adventure this summer


Tinkies teamed up with Jumanji to bring us an adventurous summer in the movies

The taste of Adventure seem to be the theme that Jumanji and Tinkies bring to our screens as well as our tongues this summer. This is because of the partnership formed by both to take South African teenagers to the jungle of life, laughter and lots of fun.

Tinkies is well known for capturing the imagination of teenagers with their various flavors of tasty cakes and other goodies. Now they have partnered with Sony to bring us a Hollywood Blockbuster in Jumanji; a movie that will capture your imagination, welcome to the Jungle: This is a movie about four High School students who get sucked into the game and are transformed into avatars with unique skills.


This star studded movie will take you on the journey full of adventure where danger lies in every corner of the jungle, as each character faces the reality of real life consequences inside the game. The Central Intelligence duo of Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson and the ever hilarious Kevin Hart joined by another hilarious guy in Jack Black and Karen Gillan display their acting prowess in this Blockbuster. The movie has many twists and turns; get ready to be inspired and entertained in the world of Jumanji. Get to learn how our smart phones create prisoners in us!

If you love adventure then this movie will keep you thrilled.

In an exclusive pre-screening event of Jumanji of which TMS was invited, Tinkies did not hold back in entertaining their guests with generous prize giveaways accompanied by extravagant food and all kinds of Tinkies flavors, they sure did set a tone for the summer; like the Jumanji movie making a statement this summer, Tinkies are making a statement of their own in the market.

The movie opens in cinemas on December 29.

“Tinkies, a firm favorite among teens and has grown up with its market. Our Tinkies Vanilla is our top seller but we provide a full range of five yummy taste sensations for a treat, any time of the day or night” says brand manager Bontu Mulaudzi.

Here is a sneak preview of the Summer Blockbuster: