DJ SBU death a marketing stunt or fake news

Dj Sbu

Dj Sbu’s death fake news shock young people in Mzansi 

As a Magazine for Schools in Townships/Rural; we thought to investigate the news about the death of Dj Sbu and here is why:


DJ Sbu does not only thrive as an entrepreneur but he is doing so much for education through his Education Foundation S.L.E.F. He uses his fame to contribute to Grade 12 learners entering varsity. This year alone the target was to raise R1M to put Grade 12 achievers through to varsity, making him the most selfless celebrity in Mzansi.

Through his entrepreneurship endeavors, he is one of the people that inspire young people to want to live lives full of legacy. The Mofaya, Massive Metro and Leadership 2020 boss is a picture of what a young black kid from township can do with very little resource.

Fake News Scare

Therefore fake news of his death has to be the shallowest form of marketing. Whether it’s achieved the purpose or not, it’s insensitive to many young people inspired by him. Though we cannot rule out possibilities that “The King of Marketing” himself is behind these fake news. This is the man who gave us Mzekezeke after-all and it took us many years to know who is who between Mzekezeke and DJ Sbu since their characters were completely unidentifiable. However some boundaries should not be crossed and playing with “death” is one of those boundaries. Nothing fun and glorious about death, life is much more precious. It may be tough but it is awesome to be alive.

We know he does not mind walking the streets on foot marketing his Mofaya Energy Drink; at times he is at the traffic lights selling Mofaya, talk about “hunger for more”. But if he behind the fake news then he definitely taken it way too far, that’s if it’s him marketing his latest endorsement of medical aid.

Nevertheless our readers love him for what he is (hope for every young person in the Township). Many young people watching him, learning from him and walking in his footsteps. If anything should happen to him it would bring destruction to many dreams he directly or indirectly helps to construct.

There it is Mzansi,TMS hopes that our role models stay safe this Festive Season!

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