Matric Results must not determine your value…… a must read for the class of 2017

Matric results are out, now the real world induction

An article by Zintle Groupe (our in-house psychologist)

To the Matriculant (and others) trying to run a systematic race after receiving Matric results:

I completed my matric in 2007 with 4 subjects passed on higher grade. I thought that was all I needed to get my exemption, little did I know that my subjects were categorised into streams that would determine my getting that exemption. With excitement I collected my matric certificate but I had passed without Exemption. This created hassles with University applications that required that “E”….For me to be admitted in what I wanted to study, then I needed to do a bridging course which cost me my bursary.

Without my bursary I couldn’t have afforded my tuition….I thought that was the end of my dreams because I was conditioned, like many others, to believe that my matric results determined my future. Here I was running a systematic race; caught up in an academic web with no escape. I knew very little about NSFAS and how it worked (you could say this was part ignorance on my side) so I dropped out of first year having lost my bursary then found a piece job to fund my future studies.

Pressure from all corners of society

That’s exactly what I did….At some point I felt pressurised; my friends were graduating before me and progressing before me. Society kept reminding me that I needed to have obtained A, B & C at a certain age and in my head this clock was ticking….I was running a systematic race with milestones attached to my age and not reality.

I found peace when I realised that I was running the wrong race; The race I ought to run was “My Race”.

Fast Forward to present, I graduated Cum Laude at the Age of 28 and that is still an achievement. Don’t let the system or society put you under pressure. Hurdles along the way give you time to view your race with different eyes. It’s okay to be inspired by those ahead of you, but don’t envy them nor attempt to compete against them; You will miss life’s most beautiful and priceless lessons.

Moral of my story: We might be in the same pot of oil but we surely won’t pop at the same time because we experience that oil differently.