Marikana’s finest Gold Siphe Mashece

Siphe Mashece

Siphe Mashece talks about growing in Marikana

Siphe Mashece is a 24 year old, born in East London Eastern Cape; grew up in Dutywa; attended lower grades at Notinara Junior Secondary School and completed high school grades at Rakgatla High in Brits, Wonderkop. I’ve always been an out-spoken enthusiast but grounded and well-disciplined learner with extreme natural intelligence. In the years 2008 (grade 8) and 2009 (grade 9) respectively; I was a School Prefect responsible for Bell-ringing for period and break intervals; locking and unlocking classes, attending youth debates & conferences on behalf of the school and provide feedback (I recall attending an IEC Electoral conference early December 2008 in East London with a three night stay at Regent Hotel). Resuming my high school grades in 2010 (grade 10) was a huge challenge (new environment, having to learn new languages and make friends)

Absent father forces family disconnect

I grew up in what I consider as distorted family because of circumstances which were inevitable. My father, Mr.Bonisile Colbert Mashece former Artisan employee at LONMIN Eastern Platinum; went missing early October 2001 when I was doing grade 1 at Notinara JSS. As such, my mother, Mrs.Nopakamile Mashece had to leave for Rustenburg early 2002 in search of my dad’s whereabouts together with LONMIN and the SAPS, as young as we were at the time; we were left alone at home. My siblings and I were later dispersed among close relatives between the years of 2002 to 2005; my mother did not work and had no means of taking care of the five children all by herself.

These circumstances exposed us to various kinds of abuse like physical, verbal and emotional abuse to mention the least, as a result we ran away from the ‘homes’  we were living in and opted to stay alone at our home. Because of the unpleasant situation and series of events of monthly break ins at home; mom took us with her to Rustenburg in 2010 as she was then employed as a Cleaner at LONMIN….. Read the rest of this article here