Life after Matric an introduction to Adulthood

Life After Matric

Romeo Michaels talks Life after Matric and difficulty in getting into tertiary

Life after Matric means you  have to deal with trying to get into the University; the most stressful process. After following all the guidelines; rules and regulations then you receive a response saying “sorry you did not make it” Then you come to think of all the time you spent applying, it can demotivate you. You start thinking that maybe you are not worth it. I applied before the Exams last year. Applying online has its own challenges and uncertainty, because you never really know the progress of your application.

Sometimes you apply and get a good mark, qualifying you for Bachelor’s but still fail to get into University. It leaves you wondering if all the hard work was in vain? Maybe they need to change the system. Applying before getting your statement may not be beneficial after all; it disadvantages many people. I think everyone should apply once they get their statements in order to appreciate all the hard work in the past 12 years of schooling.

Grass may not be greener after grade 12

Finishing school is fun and exciting throughout December and comes January; when life after school begins. That’s when you realize that you’re now part of the world system, you‘re no longer protected by school walls and teachers. I miss my friends who still busy completing their school. The stress of having had to find tertiary institutions is the harsh introduction to the world outside of school.

Normally things that would be irritating with school would be the hours, traffic when coming back from school; it feels like one is working or employed somewhere. But I kinda miss school like right now. I look back and think that whatever irritations I had in school were nothing compared to what I have to deal with now in life after matric.

So school was kinda fun. Friends at school turn into families; and that one year of Grade 12 feels like all these other years combined because so much that you have to do in 12 months. That’s what usually create the bond between school friends. Now some have to find Institutions of higher learning in other Provinces; we don’t get to see each other as often as we used to.

What I would like to pursue at tertiary

If they don’t accept me at the University I will go to a College than staying at home. Our teachers often tell us that University qualification is much more appreciated out there than a College qualification. So obviously I would rather have something that holds more value and appreciation. Even with College Education I prefer Private Colleges so that I can have quality education but we will see. And then at a later stage I can try to get into the University.

I want to do Business Management however my dream as a child and even now has always been to become a Chef. Schools should really look into getting people that can talk to learners with regards to what to study after completing High School. People that learners can trust and openly speak to them without being convinced to do something that they do not like. We end up doing something that everyone think we good at instead of following our dream.

Fortunately my father was very supportive he allowed me to choose what I want to study. He is incredibly supportive in everything that I do so I am fortunate in that instance. My message to the class of 2018, listen to your teachers guys. You can be cool by refusing to listen to them and once you complete Matric you will look back and say “if only I listened more” What teachers tell us often helps once you are out of school while being cool to your friends by not listening leaves you in the dark.