Is my dress distracting you? No Dress Codes for me


Why strangle females with Dress Codes?

Let us just imagine millions of girls around the world being suspended from school because elders think some females dress code may be too distracting for boys; they wearing something ‘inappropriate’ for school. From a vest showing too much skin; a t-shirt that shows your bra or bra strap; short shorts; showing my tummy. The list could go on because I do realize that there could be other crazy dress codes in schools and society controlling female learners; which luckily do not apply to my school; but there are other females who suffer from this every day for wearing something they feel comfortable in.

Shopping dilemma for girls

So first of all when you choose to purchase something from the store; your first thought is “this will look pretty good on me and I really feel good wearing it” but dress codes and society have changed that so much; you really end up not knowing how to dress yourself because there always will be a “problem” with it.

Even though there may be some positive aspects to society; people who encourage you to be you (because you’re pretty cool); but the struggle for females is far from over. We also like our male counter-parts like to wear clothing that reflects our personality; outlook on life; style and mood etc. Dress codes stop girls from shining; revealing the real you after being in school uniform for so long. How someone dresses should not need to offend you in anyway; you choose to be offended; I mean really why you should care what someone wears if you don’t like it go ahead and move on.

If you see my bra strap then you should know girls during puberty have to face the fact that they grow breasts and wearing bra comes with that. If you are afraid that boys will get distracted because of my bra straps, arms, cleavage or legs are showing then you should be worried for the boys instead of my clothing. Boys should not be sexualizing or even staring at any of my ‘exposed’ parts. You are only limiting a female to a certain extent because they can be suspended for wearing something, whilst the males get to carry on school without being punished in any way for not controlling their hormones.


Article by: 13 year old Talita Canham