Varsity Fresher

[wp_show_posts id=”519″]Varsity Fresher Khutso Malema reflects on first week in Varsity

Here is what Varsity fresher Khutso learnt from the transition from high school to varsity:

Orientation week has just ended for most first year students and lectures have just began for several courses. For many first-year students reality starts to sink in, the journey begins right there and then. Yes, the flag has been lifted!

One can just sense all the mixed emotions vagabonding around campus. The excitement, nervous tension and curiosity in many freshers’ eyes depicts the transition from High School to Varsity not quite a smooth one for most (especially me, I miss home already). Everything is quite overwhelming; and it happened rapidly; just some time ago I was a matric student and now I am in varsity! How real can this get?

Upgrade from class periods to lectures

So, lectures have just begun, and everybody talking about how different the normal classroom setup in High School and Varsity; and also the difference in the teaching approaches; all sorts of comparisons one can think of between High School teachers and Varsity lecturers. How intense can it get?

Basically, students do 90% of the work and lecturers do 10% at least that’s what we were told. There is no one to chase anybody around; or force anybody to attend lectures as in high school where teachers had to constantly remind pupils what needs to be done and make a follow up on learners to make sure that their work is done but none of that happens in Varsity.

If it is to be, it’s up to you

University is a one man for himself world; it’s the student’s priority to make sure that everything works in their best interest; you’re the one responsible for approaching lecturers and not their other way around; however, there is a chain of command to be followed depending on the institution’s conduct.

This is a time whereby first year students are put on trial to determine if they are ready to take on the world and its harsh reality. For some it is still comfy because they still live under their parents’ roof but for some it is totally different, they come from very far with no relatives around and must use student accommodation whereby they even share rooms with a total stranger! How better can it get? It’s a challenge to adjust and adapt to the new environment not to mention having to grasp different people’s personalities, building new relationships and the little things that happen in between. It’s like an untitled book but YOU as the student get to figure out the title of the book as you write each chapter of it.

A challenging year ahead and many more to come, varsity glamour aside, time to work



Is it going to be easy? No, nobody said it was ever going to be. Most people are just scaring off the poor first years and it gets quite intimidating for them to the extent that some are chickening out of their chosen fields of studies as early as now because whenever they ask the senior students about it they keep going on about how difficult it is.

Is that really the way to go about it? Shouldn’t they be offering them some motivation, inspiration or some sort of moral support? We all know that it was not going to be a smooth operation as soon as they used the in gang to that institution, setting their feet into that spacious piece of land occupied by huge buildings categorized by departments; being unable to find their way around; asking people where the admin building was or the student centre was can make you feel dumb.

But remember why your there and let that be the driving force for any varsity fresher.