Girls muted voices and loud bootylicious

Girls Muted Voices

Girls Muted Voices and the obsession over our booty

Something I have come to notice while putting together this TMS issue especially about how girls muted voices draw attention to our blessed behinds. It looks like girls cannot express themselves as much as boys do. I mean it is well documented that girls talk more than guys; but I am starting to wonder if girls believe they have a voice in society not just their sex appeal.

Girls do we continue to blame social set up for lack of our advancement or should we look in the mirror and no, not during our make-up time; but to reflect on who we are? We seem to seek permission to be us; however that licence comes at a high price from self appointed social authoritarians. 

And we have allowed it to happen girls by feeding into the trend just because we want to be accepted, appreciated and loved. But it seems like the only appreciation is for our booty, and how ratchet we can be. And oh yes we do give in to it don’t we? It’s popular culture that comes at a price and unfortunately girls we pay the ultimate price when we surrender our voices and create: a girls muted voices society.

Our butt should not be the only attraction

Is it not time that our brains become more attractive before our bodies. I mean we know God created us to be the beauty in creation; and so that can never be taken away from us.  I believe its time we pamper our minds girls more than our eyebrows. I believe that our first attraction should be our intelligence before our looks. We more than our thighs or booty girls. And it is us that should communicate that message to those who seem preoccupied with how we look when we turn and walk away…..