Rape through the eyes of a 13 year old high school girl


On The Couch with Talita

Raw Truth About Rape

Rape is a constant behaviour that continues to victimize a great number of young girls. Unreported cases make it difficult to come to a full grasp of the actual number of rapes taking place on daily basis. At times lines get blurry and people find it difficult to differentiate what is rape and what is not, making rape the most under-reported crime.

But is this a crime that should go unnoticed? Many women are victims of rape at home; young girls witnessing this abuse between parents and often no action taken because women turn to tolerate it as a way to keep the marriage from falling apart. Most often they portray a clean image in the public and before children; but believe me children have a way of knowing that things aren’t as they appear to be. That is why most teenagers will tell you that they don’t want to get married one day because of what they witness at home.

Therefore lines get blurry between intimacy and rape.

Lots of children are in cases where their closest relatives are their rapists. The child would normally tell their parents but unfortunately no one would believe them. This result in children deciding not to tell anyone about it and they go through the trauma alone.

It is never however the victims fault no matter what! Even if it gave the rapist an impression that the victim wanted intimacy with them; if the victim did not consent to it then that’s rape. It is not the victim’s fault; it should never be the victim’s fault.
Rapists are also people that the victims do not know, resulting in inaccurate reports that often discourage a victim to report anything. Our country is at 500,000 rapes per year, as young girls this makes us wonder if one day we‘re going to be the part of the 500,000 victims. This is like growing up in landmines.

Rural and Township rape cases do not get reported.

The 51,000 are the reported cases. How many unreported cases in Rural Areas and Townships? Even though some families provide support for a victim, but it is not enough. It feels like rape is the accepted behaviour in our society; if it wasn’t then we would see more energy put in curbing it. Some will discourage reporting anything because of the ‘shame’ it brings to the family; also rape victims turn to have a particular stigma in our society which do not help at all. Rape is truly tragic, but it is so common it doesn’t feel tragic at all except to the victim.

It will not be stopping anytime soon, law enforcement does not take it as a serious crime; many cases of victims ridiculed when reporting it. Many biased opinions would come out like “what was the victim wearing (in most cases asked by male police)” did their choice of clothing authorize the male to take what does not belong to them? Could this be justified? Rather lousy excuse. Of course not, women’s (or male, but specifically a women’s) choice of clothing does not authorize anyone- especially strangers, to take that which is not theirs!

If people even thought of the question: “what were you wearing?” they are not worth anybody’s waste of time to explain a horrible event such as rape. That question not only discourages the victim to voice their story, but allows any other rapists to feel entitled to do whatever they want with women because of their choice of clothing.

This article reveals how young girls in school view the society

My goal with this article is to help reveal how as young girls in schools view the society we live in. To encourage adults to reconsider their tolerance of rape and how it affects us as young girls. And also ask adults a question: do you enjoy knowing that you allow an environment where a girl child grows up with an expectation that she could be the next victim of rape in 17 seconds from now? But also to help those who maybe victims of rape and encourage them to find help as soon as possible.

Rape damages a person on so many levels; having sex at a young age is damaging enough now imagine being sexually victimized. This is not such a comfortable subject especially if you have been through it. I personally have never been through any sexual abuse, but I live in the society where this is ripe and a reality to so many people. I may not have the experience on the subject but as a girl child I live confronted with its reality and unless we as young people invite adults to our world and all the fears that exist in there, they will never know.

Hoping that the future South Africa will seek improved rape stats; that we strive to prevent rape. There is nothing we cannot do as a country. And we are never too young to voice our opinions on the subject.

Why there are no rape specialists working in Police stations, Schools and Clinics?