Sabelo Dlamini turning Maths into Magic

Turning Maths into Magic

Sabelo Dlamini from Ikusasa Lethu High turning Maths into Magic

Mr. MatheMagic as he’s popular known, turning Maths into Magic with his fun style of teaching and illustrating Maths numbers.

Dedicating his time to teaching Mathematics has earned him a warm place in the hearts of learners and teachers alike. Many Maths and Science teachers know these subjects but transferring that knowledge can be challenging. But Mr. Sabelo Dlamini has been blessed with an ability to articulate Maths in a fun and simple way. Using everyday gestures that people use to communicate, he illustrates this subject; making it easy for learners to learn and master Maths.


“I normally teach Grade 11 and 12” he explained “ I have after school classes and what makes these classes popular is because we create a fun learning environment but also translate Maths into an everyday bodily language that learners use to express themselves. Sunday to Sunday I teach because there is that much demand and interest into this simplified Maths” he adds. “We also offer private classes to cover costs incurred”.

Sabelo’s love for the subject gives him the energy to keep going “there is a lot that goes on before each lesson; you have to prepare for each and every lesson and make sure that you are mentally prepared as well”.

Deputy Principal’s satisfaction

His energy is contagious “We feel very proud he is so talented” said Deputy Principal Mrs. RJ Gumede “Most people doubted him when he first came at our school because of his age, but now all our colleagues are very impressed with him” Mrs. RJ Gumede continued “same lesson taught by other teachers, learners find it difficult to understand but when he teaches learners understands it a lot easier”. Sabelo teaches at his school but also get invited to other schools as well “Teaching is like a network, so we have a talented teacher that can help other schools so we must allow him to do just that, because sometimes we will also need help from other schools” Mrs RJ Gumede concluded.

Zethembiso Doyisa and Khanyisa Ndebele have seen Maths turn into Magic live

Turning Maths into Magic

“Sir uses less theories; he is more practical in his approach which makes it easy to grasp the lesson. We can be lazy as learners but his energy in the class revives everyone” Zethembiso Doyisa a grade 12 learner in Ikusasa Lethu explained. “His Maths is fun to learn; the way he teaches accommodates everyone. We use more question papers which helps us cope with exams. Because of Mr. Dlamini; Maths does not scare me anymore” concluded another Grade 12 learner Khanyisa Ndebele.

Sabelo lets us in on how he’s turning Maths into Magic

“I also do what I call ‘mathemagic’ which helps learners build positive attitude towards mathematics” Sabelo added “like I work out difficult numbers without using a calculator. I do explain maths concepts and history with numbers. The name Mathemagic was given to me in 2016 while at University of Zululand. We were sent by the university to go to schools and help out with Math. I went to Amathole Amnyama High where they called me Mr. Magic. Using my Maths knowledge combined with skills magic was created and learners named me Mr. Mathemagic”.

A home grown talent

Turning Maths into Magic

Sabelo like many South African kids in Townships and Rural Areas was born from a poor household; completed his Matric in 2012 but then he didn’t have money to continue his studies. Thanks to Funza Lushaka Bursary he got into the University of Zululand. Sabelo a true testimony of how important education foundations programs are. He is a product of the Transnet Foundation Programme from 2010 – 2011.

“Apart from being a teacher, I also provide private tutoring services for Maths through my project SED Mathematics where we provide lots of afterschool assistance for various schools and community” Concludes Sabelo Dlamini aka The Mathemagician.

Article by Dumi Mbona