What to choose between Life Orientation and History?

Life Orientation

Life Orientation (LO) or History?

History to replace Life Orientation as a mandatory subject. Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga in 2015; her department appointed a Ministerial Task Team (MTT) to study, research and observe compressively; compulsory history in 13 countries and make recommendations to the basic education department about history becoming a compulsory subject and replacing life orientation (LO). In 2018 which marks three years after the MTT tasked with the case study; their report and findings released; so the MTT recommended that history should be introduced as a compulsory subject between grade 10 and 12; which will replace compulsory Life Orientation that will only remain compulsory until grade 9.

The MTT suggested that the process of phasing in history should be between 2023 and 2025.  The change in curriculum will mean that time spent doing theoretical work expands. ‘’ That will also come with changes in terms of time spent in the classrooms by learners as it will increase from 27,5 hours to 29,5 hours per week’’ wrote Amil Umraw for the Huffingtonpost.

Compulsory history adds another load to learners

The compulsory history will then make matriculants to write two additional final exam papers. Suggestions concluded that paper one will be African History and paper two will focus much on international history. Many have suggested that the history taught in our schools must be upgraded; and also that we need to teach more African history. Many argued that SA learners know more about European history more than that of African history. Southern Africa is one country that has a rich history but for now the history taught is just brushing the surface it does not go deeper and research and teach actual African history.

‘The minister of Basic education is of the opinion that African history should take centre stage and in South Africa include all tribes and will give people a sense of belonging and know their roots. The minister said the current history touches on pieces of……read the full article here on page 18 [ePaper nr=2]

Article by Dumezweni Ndweni