20 things things parents should know about us


By Refilwe Mereyothle

Every parent thinks they have their children figured out, don’t they? But that does not seem to be the case when children let their parents in and share information they wished their parent knew about them. Here’s:

20 things things parents should know about us

  1. Please don’t comment on our eating habits or weight all the time. – Palesa, 23
  2. How you see us and your advice actually had an impact on us. – Tshepang, 21
  3. Don’t compare us to our siblings or other kids for that matter. It hurts. – Thabang, 18
  4. I drink and enjoy them ice cold. – Thandolwethu, 25
  5. I have a business that is growing from the ground; I’m more focused on getting money than you think. – Rorisang,23
  6. You might be wiser than we are but you need to let us breathe, make our own mistakes and learn from them. – Thami, 22
  7. Please give us a chance to talk back sometimes. – Karabo, 21
  8. When you’re teaching us how to drive, don’t expect us to learn everything about the car and roads in three days. – Nompumelelo, 20
  9. Don’t surprise us by buying us clothes because chances are we are not going to love what you got us. Rather take us shopping with you. – Paballo, 18
  10. Please don’t read our journals. – Amanda, 19

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