How do you teach abusers?

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How do I teach my abuser? Teachers ask.

We often try by all means to find stories that inspire and uplifting; but lately we have had emails from teachers who want to talk about abuse they suffer at the hands of their learners whom they teach!

South Africa has traveled a mile in protecting it citizens through it constitution and a bill of rights. Biggest benefitters on such policies are children and most especially pupils in schools.

Yes abusive behavior by teachers has been a center of focus for government. But the question is: such abusive conduct is it by the teachers only or both sides of the classroom?

While there can be bad blood between a learner and the teacher, but the business of the day has to continue. Exactly how do “enemies” listen to each other? Do we really want enemies in a learning environment?

Some of the stories sent to us mainly from female teachers includes:

  • Being physically handled by a learner
  • Given attitude filled with disrespect
  • Abusive language
  • Teachers losing authority in class

In other words, the environment becomes unbearable for female teachers. They feel threatened; “how do I teach my abuser?” one teacher asks.

It’s the question that we would like to pass on to you as our readers, “how to teach an abuser?”

Is it time for SAPS to set up satellite offices across the road from the school?

I mean we all know that learners themselves get killed on school premises, teachers get killed in classrooms in front of learners! What would it take for schools to be a better place for both the learner and the teacher?

Possible solutions:

Law Enforcement in South Africa falls short in preventing criminal activities. It is even shorter in punishing such acts. Do we really have to rely on a failing system? Reality is:

  • Schools must become crime free zones
  • They must be as sacred as the church altar
  • Prayer has to be brought back to schools. Parliament members pray before they start their debates why not our schools? You remove good spiritual practice, automatically you usher in bad spiritual practice!

The answer to the previous question is you can never stand in front of your abuser and impart knowledge on them; that is traumatic just thinking about it! Therefore anyone committing crime in school must continue their studies in jail.

The two government departments have to work hand in hand how?

  • SAPS must create a division for schools policing
  • Once that’s set up, each police station must adopts a school
  • There must be an ongoing meetings between the school and police to discuss safety
  • Schools must form safety committees that will be visible in schools backed up by SAPS!

In that way schools become a safe environment for learning and teaching! What do you think? Comment below 👇👇