School Farewell parties cool ideas

Farewell parties in schools

It’s the time of the year which many Grade 12vers prepare for the final exams; but before that, farewell parties take center stage.

From long expensive trips to simple dress up parties, farewell parties plans ‘re well underway. FOMO has many learners at their best behavior in order to get that chankura (money) from parents.

If you anything like amajita esgele (gents in school), you’ll be looking forward to your female counterparts dressed to kill; who knows maybe your crush might ask you to be her partner on the day🤔.

Oh wait what about booze? Sheesh (keep that undercarpet)..somethings ‘re best left alone except for one thing 👉 Lean!

Bafethu lento iyaskhawatha kahle kahle (in fact this thing destroys us). A good farewell party is a LEAN FREE party. Let’s have fun in a responsible way. Let’s remember why we have such events; and let’s create beautiful lasting  memories, here ‘re some ideas for a lit farewell parties:

  • Food and Drinks: depending on a budget get someone for catering. Prepare tables and decor in a school hall
  • Sound and the DJ: get a reliable sound guy, plan your playlist, (you don’t want “Nay’le walk” while everyone still eating)
  • Plan your program: have people that may want to perform (song, poem or dance), some may have a speech to deliver (not long speeches please aseblief togo)
  • Fundraise to cover outstanding costs: Design a wall with a cool backdrop where people can take photos. You can charge a cool R5 for people to take photos there. If you can, hire a professional photographer.
  • Invite Tag My School Magazine to come capture your event 😊
  • Remember to have safety and security in mind: alert local police about your event and request for regularly monitoring.

Leave a lasting pictures in everyone’s mind

Remember that it may be the last time you see some of your peers; the next time you see them may be on TV or at the office where you’ll be looking for a job, so be nice😂😂.

Otherwise goodluck with your planning. Tag My School will keep you posted on other fantastic ideas.