My Career found me

Well, my name is Vuyiseka Siyamthanda Khethwa. I am 22 years of age; born and bred in Venterstad. I am from a family of three kids of which I’m the first born; and fortunate to be pursuing the career I love. A humble down to Earth person which I think I got it from my father; but I’m also feisty that I got it  from my mother.
I am an ambitious and independent young lady; I love education because it gives you power that no one can take from you.

Am enrolled at the Central University of Technology, Free state doing my third year; studying towards a Diploma in Language Practice.

And no, this is definitely not the career path I had plan to study while in Grade 12. My first choice was to study something that has science in it because I had that mentality that says if you do science then you have made it in life!
So when I applied for University my intentions were to follow career path in Environmental health, but unfortunately it was full so I asked around if there was any course that was still taking students? That’s how I ended up doing the course that I’m doing.

Language Practise is a cool career people


I didn’t even know there was a course called Language Practice and I’m sure there are still many people like me that do not know about it. So when I received the news that I was accepted at the University I got excited that at least i wasn’t going to sit at home, but at the same time i didn’t know anything about the Diploma, so I called my mom to tell her about this Diploma that i will be doing and she told me not to worry , I can just do research about it and see what its all about and if still during the first semester I don’t like it then I can change it!

After the first Semester I had absolutely fallen in love with the course; so much so that  I do not see myself doing anything other than something closely related to it, that is how much I am enjoying it. Read the full story here