ZeeGee SA everyone wants a piece of him, find out why?


ZeeGee the name on everyone’s lips

ZeeGee real name is Qinisani Gumede; I grew up in Empangeni in KZN, that’s where I studied from Primary to High School thereafter moved to Durban for my Tertiary education. The name ZeeGee comes a from a Zulu name “Izigi Zendoda” meaning “Man’s heavy Footsteps”; my father gave me that nickname, but due to my music journey I had to accommodate everyone not just my Zulu fans, therefore the name spelled ZeeGee; but also to create and market a brand ZeeGee made it easy.

I’m a humble guy who loves his family, full of joy and laughter.

My education background/journey started at Primary School formerly known as Macekane and currently called Mehlathathane Primary School. From there I went to Khubela High School which is where I Matriculated. I have never failed during in school, my standards were very high. My father would push me to keep achieving in school.

After Grade 12 I took a gap year which helped in deciding what I wanted to do going forward. I studied IT but changed to Creativity studies due to my desire in music production. Like most kids in townships and rural areas I was a brilliant footballer, playing upfront, maybe Bafana Bafana wouldn’t be struggling for goals had I continued pursuing football ha ha.


My little brother is a professional footballer who played for Amazulu, Bivest Wits, Mpumalanga Black Aces and now with Platinum Stars; everyone who saw me play they like “we can see his little brother making it in football but ZeeGee is the one expected to make it due to his talent”. But music became too strong a passion for me therefore I followed my heart.

From my childhood I used to rap; I remember this one time I recorded myself over my father’s cassette by Maskandi (Traditional) singer named Mgqashiyo; and by mistake I recorded myself over the singer which meant that Mgqashiyo’s song got wiped out; yho the hiding I received on that day! But that’s when I discovered this deep passion for music……….read full story