You did not fail, but you came short! Matric Results 2018

Matric Results 2018

Matric results 2018 on the spotlight

Matric Results 2018 released; everyone celebrates except for those who did not meet the required percentage to progress. Let me start by applauding you for being brave enough to write your exam in the first place. Many decided not to finish the year for many reasons but you decided to soldier on and do it! Well done.

Yes right now you feel the pain as the nation celebrates those who made it; you feel the exclusion as news cameras look away from you to those did well; and it makes you feel like you’ve let yourself down, your family down and many other people who may have had expectations on you.

You did not fail, you came short!

Do not let the concept of passing and failing condemn you. Everyone is a 10 out 10 at something and completely sucks at other things. The situation you find yourself in is not unique. Accept and Embrace it because you will experience it more in the future. What’s more important is your response to it!

Out of 7 subjects you may have faltered on 2 or 3 which means 4 or 5 that you have passed. Or maybe have passed 1, 2 or 3 subjects and didn’t do well with the rest; that doesn’t mean you’re a failure but it means you came short at meeting the required quota for you to progress. It does not make you a lesser human being it makes you a better human being.

We are on different journeys in life, some get there early some get there later and others change course. Life itself is a series of disappointments, joys, failures and successes every single person experiences it.

How to cope with your Matric Results 2018 if you didn’t progress?

  1. Channel the energy within you (anger, sorrow, disappointment) towards future opportunities
  2. Look forward to correcting everything you didn’t get right, you have the solution
  3. “What will people say” will not change anything, so get on with it
  4. Trust in your hard-work and resiliency that will get you through everything
  5. Spend your data in finding more information on how you can improve your grade in subjects you wish to correct

What counts is not how many times you knocked down but how many times you get up every time you’re knocked down!!