Has a vision worthy of your investment!

My name is Tshepiso Malema from Ivory Park in Tembisa; 16 years of age in grade 10 at Ivory Park Secondary School. I come from a family of 3 children of which I’m a second born.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost my father in 2016; that’s when I started being independent and taking responsibilities. My entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age when I used to sell ice on a hot day of school; from then on I never saw money in a consumer’s perspective; in other words I don’t look at money and ask myself what it can buy for me instead I ask myself what it can do for me to bring more money? I even save my pocket money but not to starve myself at school.

As an entrepreneur I had identified a challenge in my community and came up with a solution. I realized that substance abuse on young people has become the biggest issue.  Most teenagers cannot find entertainment facilities in their communities; therefore they‘re left with very little to no option but to jump into unhealthy and dangerous forms of entertainment which could affect the rest of their lives.

Tembisa a gateway into Townships for international tourists

Townships have the highest rate of unemployment in South Africa which adds to the overall hopelessness and fear of what awaits us in the future; so I also want to change that by providing jobs through this business concept.

Also I noticed that my township (Tembisa) is near the airport but most of the tourists arrive at OR Tambo and go straight to Soweto for entertainment but not Tembisa; that’s what makes me strive harder to bring change and influence in the township lifestyle! We are closer to the airport compared to Soweto; then why aren’t we the first option for tourists’ attraction?

What exactly is this idea? To cut a long story short, my business idea is to start an entertainment (actual wording from Tshepiso is hidden to protect his concept) facility in my Township Tembisa, in order to attract tourists and ensure that they experience “Tembisa”. But also this concept will give Kasi (Township) kids from disadvantaged families an entertainment center of high quality so that they don’t have to travel to the Suburbs for such.

A center for tourists and local youth to meet and have fun while learning about Tembisa

My entertainment facility will provide an electrifying and first of its kind real experience for young people in my Township. It will entertain customers with fun and relaxed ambiance which cannot be created at home. What influenced me to identify such opportunity is the fact that I realized that the world around us is in its 4th Industrial Revolution; a world of Technology. But young people in Townships and Rural Areas are falling behind or not at the forefront of it like the urban young people.

But also our use of the little Technology we’re exposed to is wrong. We focus on showing off and posting wrong things online instead of capitalizing on the business aspect of it!

Changing how technology is used in Townships

My concept will change that, by giving young people this experience but also create an avenue that both international tourists and the locals can interact over one common thing to help break the ice.

My business future plans are to have this concept attached to malls here in Tembisa, airports, theaters and travel centers. Lots of people who tend to wait long hours at train stations/airports; this concept will also target such individuals by occupying those waiting hours and introduce Tembisa and its culture to them.

This business’s value configuration is that it has several aspects to it:

  • Social Cohesion
  • Added value for shoppers at shopping Malls and travel centers
  • Attract Tourists

What drives a Grade 10 learner to think of such business idea?


What keeps me going is that I need to change the poverty situation at home; bring change while influencing the Kasi Lifestyle! But also challenging my peers to stop waiting for someone else to transform their economy situation. We have the ability to create employment as young people and this concept presents a perfect example of that should someone invest in it.

My journey has been good because I already got a mentor who is a successful businessman in Emmanuel Bonoko.
My message to the youth of today is that no matter where you come from success doesn’t need a Visa and success has no age definition.
And to the Government, here we are as young people willing to become a solution to the youth unemployment problem, the question is will you recognize us and invite us to the table without any political agenda? I thank you.

Written by: Tshepiso Malema from Ivory Park Secondary School (Contact Tshepiso: tshepisomashile4@gmail.com)

Edited by: Dumi Mbona