Enhle Gebashe


By Monica Kethwa

Enhle Gebashe is a grade 6 pupil of Rosebank Primary School born on the 26th of March 2008.

Her favourite subjects are Art, Natural Science and Zulu. She started designing by designing for her dolls, progressed to designing for other children in 2016 October. She draws her inspiration from cartoon character princesses and glamorous african prints.

The most challenging moments was finding true friends; and the highlights of my fashion journey was attending SA Fashion Week 2018 and meeting Basetsana Khumalo. There’s been amazing response from some of my teachers and fellow schoolmates.

Dynamic Enhle Gebashe balances school and work

I balance my school work ย and house chores by focusing on my academics and helping out my mom at home during the week; and I sketch and sew over weekends. Its been hectic but my mom helps me a lot with the sewing for my brand.

Enhle Gebashe

I advise that girls my age group to NEVER give up on their dreams; and they must seek mentors to help develop their talents once they identify their passion.

Mom is my shero and has done her best to get me where I am.I urge all princesses who are my age group and find their talents to keep MOVING no matter what anybody says!!!!

My parents are my strength and always there to hep me in my little business. Mom teaches me sewing and sews for my clients. While my dad helps with graphics and promoting my brand.

Any boys range?

My brother has inspired the boys range im currently working on by nagging me to design for him and other princes across the globe.

Enhle Gebashe

My dreams are endless; but at the moment I’m dreaming of having a walk in store; and dressing princesses and princes around the world.

And my future plans are to open a skills development organization for children. I also wish to walk the Nigeria Fashion Week soon and showcase my brand.

Enhle Gebashe Babes Couture

Enhle Gebashe


People can place their orders on whatsapp (0712762173); and every garment is custom made; so it takes at least ย a week to manufacture and deliver.