Romeon: “I won’t lie to you if Economics was song it would be the story of OJ, by Jay Z” Bontle disagrees “what’s nice about that song because it’s boring all you see cartoons in the video” Romeo: “Uyadlala wena, awukho serious, if you knew about investments that song would teach you a thing or two” Kurts “I like L.O and if it was a song it would be Sister Betina because it talks about what we do, sidl’ubusha bethu. It tells you more about yourself just like L.O tell you kwentsakalani about yourself”

Thato: “for me guys Life Science would be Club Controller, it makes wanna get up and dance” Lesedi: “Mina I like all of my subjects it just that I didn’t some teachers” Romeo.


“History is another subject I hated, if it was a song it would be that Afrikaans song: Kan Ek jou Superman Bad man” Everyone sing along to this song “For me history would be like that Imizwilili song: Mimimi Mimimi” Bontle tries to explain the song but everyone is on the floor laughing at her mimic. Lesedi “History is like Jazz for me, boring” “But like I said I loved all my subjects it just that I didn’t like some of the teachers like my other Maths teacher yho he was cruel” Lesedi explains and Bontle supports her “He would take the dust bin and scatter it on the floor and make you pick it up and tidy the floor yho”

Lesedi “Geograph would be Love is blind by Lady Zamar because no matter how much ing’trapa (it defeated me) I still loved it and Maths, because no matter how much these subjects hurt you but you still love them” The older brother.

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“I like Art and Culture and if it was a song it would be Ringo Madlingozi Thixo Ndiyabulela, because God gave us gifts” Thato: “I like Pure Maths and if was a song it would Justin Bieber Don’t you give up. The subject that I dislike is Physics and if it was a song it would be Humble by Kendrick Lamar because that subject has a way of humbling you” Bontle “I love Life Science if it was a song it would be Club Controller. I don’t like accounting, once you mess up one thing at the beginning everything that follows is wrong if it was a song it would be any of the Gospel songs”

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