Kelda Williams

On our Cover story, we are proud to have this opportunity to speak to one of America’s hottest TV personalities in Kelda Williams. This inspirational TV host responded to our request to have her on TMS as our Inspirational Celebrity.

Her TV show Diva Talk Tonite is one of the most exciting, educational talk shows in the US viewed by millions of people. “Diva Talk is an entertainment variety talk show targeting everyone, from my ladies who want to be Divas to my fellas that want to be Divos ha ha”

To name the show Diva Talk has a bossy tone to it but with Kelda Williams it means something different I’ve always been known to label everything I do as Diva, my second album was Diva and everything else I just kind of named it Diva. But also because Diva is a statement for every girl to say that they deserve to be treated with great respect and honour” Something we need to teach our boys here at home in order to curb the scourge of women abuse.

There are many talk shows on TV around the globe these days, but creativity, education and that element of craziness proves to be factors which make Diva Talk Tonite unique “It’s an entertainment variety talk show. I try to include as many comedy sketches in as possible, as well as working with as many actors as possible to make it funnier. I think with me being the host, and the weird crazy person that I am, it makes the show interesting and being independent and all people are always on the lookout for new and interesting content. Bringing on our catering team and trying out their new dishes was a highlight and we also had a hypnotist on the show that hypnotized a few audience members, it was exciting!”

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The show was on KOFY-TV and many other TV channels in the US, it has not reached South African shores yet “For now you can watch on our website until we get syndicated out that way. And yes, I want the show everywhere! Especially South Africa because you are a vibrant and talented nation, and also I plan to visit one of these days”

Her diversity in entertainment makes her one of the most sort after entertainers. Kelda’s first self-authored movie “Love the Original Way” debuted in Hollywood during the Black African American Film Festival. The film is on Amazon Prime and also available in Japan, Germany, US and the UK. She is currently working on two movies “Hit and Run” (Produced by Mark Toriano) and “Girls Start Up” (Produced by John Junior). 

Talking about her other passion this what she said “I’ve been doing music for years, released 4 albums, and toured in Tokyo with R&B singer Lloyd and Jah Cure in several islands in the Caribbean. Music to me is like releasing your soul on record. Getting your thought and feelings out is therapeutic for every artist as well audience listening to the record. I’ve also been modeling since I was a kid as well as acting which inspired me today to produce films, act in other peoples’ projects and more. It all started for me as a kid, always performing in the mirror and looking at people on TV wishing that would be me” “The highlights, oh wow so many, one of my songs was placed in Sony Entertainment’s (Please Give), and again touring in Tokyo and the Caribbean. When I got the call to get booked in those areas I just couldn’t believe, literally music has taken me overseas” her music is accessible on

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When she is not in studio recording or on runway modeling or in front of a camera presenting, Kelda is out in communities changing lives; she launched her community project called Diva Outreach “Yes I created The Diva Outreach, where I conduct myself as a public speaker to the youth. I go into schools and work closely with non-profit organizations and even perform positive music to uplift and encourage those who are in need of inspiration. I’ve always been a fan of those who can make a change in the community, and I think just from performing at my concerts and doing a bit of talking inspired me a bit to get more involved in community activities. I hope to come to South Africa to speak at a few schools actually” she concludes.

Her show Diva Talk Tonite has been earmarked to air in South Africa but for now you can catch it online.

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