Nokwanda Ndlovu’s name has been dragged into a public spectacle

Nokwanda Ndlovu’s name has been dragged into a public spectacle over allegations that she posed as a Bogus Student Doctor. The leading Sunday Newspapers broke the story of a young lady in KZN who duped 5 hospitals into using her as one of the intern Doctors.

According to the News Papers Ndlovu is a drop out student. She has since been arrested and released on bail.

But many fellow students have taken to social media to dispute the allegations. Others have claimed that she is a victim of abuse by her powerful married ex boyfriend. It is said this ex boyfriend is ANC MPL who impregnated Ndlovu but demanded that she gets rid of the baby.

Upon her refusal, this gentleman allegedly went to the News Papers in order to tarnish her reputation.

Nokwanda Ndlovu, is not a high school dropout. She was part of Fees Must Fall, we know her. Her sin was that she got impregnated by her boyfriend who happens to be a married man and KZN MPL.

Said a Twitter user.

Wits University has no records of her!

According to Carol Crosley from the University, they have no records of a Nokwanda Ndlovu; leaving many people confused as to how she could have stayed at the University Medical Student’s residents if she was not registered there.

Prominent voices such as Mcebo Dlamini have expressed their disappointment at the Wits University for choosing to protect their reputation. He posted on his Facebook page saying:

So Wits through this one of Carol Crawley took a reputational protection approach in the expense of this young lady. Wits as expected denies her, the same way they denied that Hlaudi delivered a lecture. Here is Ndlovu in the library with her Wits student card.

Bogus Student Doctor

Other people have said that she was part of the Fees Must Fall movement, while others claimed to have spoken to her and that her character has been publicly assassinated.

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The matter is in court and the biggest confusion is that even if she was at Wits and later interned at KZN Hospitals, but did she use the right path to get there? This is what leaves many half committed to defending her.

The unfortunate mention of this KZN MPL who’s name is in the public domain leaves a bitter taste to those who may wish to fully support the student.

War on women continues

Nokwanda Ndlovu may not be the Bogus Student Doctor News Papers claim she is; she may be the victim of a powerful man looking to tarnish her image.

Students that know her, have took to the social media to express their dismay at the news. The 5 hospitals she has worked at received her application with proper documentation. For her to reach the stage of internship she must have completed 5 year Bachelor’s Degree. So if she has managed to trick everyone up to this point, then it’s not her problem that there are such loopholes.

It would not have taken only one girl to achieve such criminal achievement; the question is then: as a young woman with ambitions to achieve her dream was she a soft target as a young woman? Did she get exploited by powerful man? And given the same position as her, would you choose differently if enticed into the same thing?

The system

African sons and daughters are condemned into such situations by the system which demands of them to perform 💯 times more than their white-counterparts.


Throwing her to jail is an easy way for people that supposed to change the system. The same men tasked with dismantling the anti-African child system, exploits the situation for sexual satisfactions.

The education set up currently is failing the African child. If the allegations are true, then she’s not a criminal but she’s a victim!