An online portal which is bursting with information and advice on health, social development and veterinary-related careers in South Africa has been launched by the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA). The career portal is aimed at guiding and informing learners about how to pursue a career within the related fields.

The portal offers a wide range of resources including a comprehensive list of careers available in the health, social development and veterinary sectors and career guidance advice including; subject choices, relevant tertiary institutions, approved training providers and possible funding opportunities available through institutions.

HWSETA aims to create a skilled workforce for the health, social development and veterinary needs of South Africans. A crucial part of achieving this vision is creating awareness among school leavers of the vast number of career opportunities that exist in these sectors. We’ve launched the career portal to make exploring these exciting options as easy as possible,

explains Elaine Brass, CEO of HWSETA.

Career Portal

Students who access the career portal can take a career finder quiz to discover career options that best suit them, before reading up more about what each job might entail. Brass says,

Whether you prefer to work with people or animals, in a team or on your own, whether you’ve studied maths and science or neither, you can pursue a career in the health and welfare sectors. There is a common misconception that in order to work in these sectors, maths and science are required, but there are many alternative opportunities that don’t require these subjects.

While the portal’s career finder includes details on the more well-known professions such as vets, doctors and nurses, details around other lesser known careers in the sector such as; an acupuncturist, phlebotomist, biomedical engineer and podiatrist are also included. The portal details exactly how to become qualified in a specific field and which institutions offer qualifications and learnerships.

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The career guidance section, meanwhile, offers a wide range of resources that will help learners to identify their career goals, plan their career path and ultimately prepare for the working world.

We hope that through our career portal the youth of South Africa are able to get the answers to any questions they might have regarding pursuing a career in the health, social development and veterinary sectors,

concludes Brass.

Access the portal here.