CAREERS MAGAZINE Launches Bucking the Trend of SA’s Flailing Publishing Industry

Careers Magazine – Living up to its tagline ‘Be Brave’, a new, youth-led and youth-owned monthly magazine has joined the South African publishing landscape and it launches its first edition, aptly, on Youth Day.  

Formerly Destiny Careers, CAREERS MAGAZINE is South Africa’s only quality publication targeted at young people at various decision-making stages for their job path, education, skills development and livelihood. 

The rebrand comes with amplified editorial direction and a change of publishers from The Bar Group, owners of Destiny and Destiny Man. The monthly magazine is now being published by CTC Publishers, a subsidiary of CTC College (which also has a multimedia online platform called the Career Guide Network).


Career Magazine -
Pearl Boshomane Tsotetsi (courtesy of Google)

CAREERS MAGAZINE whose primary audience is between 18 and 35, is edited by Pearl Boshomane Tsotetsi, one of the country’s leading lifestyle journalists and editors. At CAREERS, she leads an editorial and creative team with an average age of 28, making for a fresh, forward-thinking and bold product. They may be young, but the team have spent years cutting their teeth at some of the biggest newsrooms and agencies in the country. 

When the knowledge and skills gained in those environments comes together with the dynamism of youth, the result is a publication that is intelligent, relevant and a little cheeky. 

“We’re risk-takers, which is why we chose to start a magazine at a time when publications are suffering. But we all believe in the value it can bring into the lives of young South Africans,” says Boshomane Tsotetsi. 

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About the magazine, she says: “Many young South Africans don’t have access to resources demystifying various industries or workplaces and what it takes to survive – let alone thrive – in them. Most youths in the country also don’t have the privilege of mentorship. We’re here to help them navigate workplace dynamics, learn negotiation skills, or how to network – be it networking up or networking across. But we also provide practical advice about things that seem easy but actually aren’t, such as writing CVs, navigating job interviews or applying for bursaries.”

The boss…

Career Magazine -
Mpho Madzibadela (courtesy of Google)

CAREERS MAGAZINE publisher and CEO of CTC College Mpho Madzibadela says: “When a 16th century English printer, editor and publisher, Edward Cave coined the term ‘magazine’ he took a brave stance to challenge and change the status quo — Edward believed that the world was filled with too much information, but not enough wisdom. 

“I share similar sentiments to that of Cave, in that I believe the magazine space in South Africa has for the longest of time been lacking meaningful, empowering content and information. Which is where the immanence of CAREERS MAGAZINE comes from. We strive to empower our reader with content and information that aids them into making informed-decisions that shape the future of work in our continent.” 


Themed ‘Owning the Narrative’, the magazine’s June edition features globally acclaimed, award-winning design house and family dynasty in the making MAXHOSA AFRICA on the cover, marking the brand’s first-ever magazine cover. 

“Our publication is about young people steering their collective and individual paths in the direction they want them to go. Telling our own stories is important, which is why we chose the MAXHOSA brand for our June cover. It was a creative collaboration between us rather than the traditional method of the magazine and its team deciding on everything. We decided to work together because our energy, vision and approach is in sync. What they’re doing with their brand is what we’re hoping to do with our magazine. No one currently represents ‘owning your narrative’ better than Laduma Ngxoloko and MAXHOSA AFRICA,” says Boshomane Tsotetsi.  


On why the brand chose to work with CAREERS MAGAZINE, Laduma Ngxokolo says: “MAXHOSA AFRICA got involved because we fully stand behind entities in support of kickstarting people’s careers. We are fully immersed in the business of fashion, which means the company itself is run by people with professional careers.”

The June edition of CAREERS MAGAZINE retails at R50 and is available digitally from 16 June. It can be purchased on the magazine’s website,