Life Orientation (LO) or History?


By Dumezweni Ndweni

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga in 2015 and her department appointed a Ministerial Task Team (MTT) to study, research and observe compressively, compulsory history in 13 countries and make recommendations to the basic education department about history becoming a compulsory subject

Hashtag Women abuse (Boys discuss)

Women Abuse

By Dumezweni Ndweni

Gender abuse especially in the form of violence is one monster that has been wreaking havoc in South African homes for many years. It is in many shapes and form; it can be physical: a beating, slapping, strangling, disfiguring of the body,

Describe a subject using a song


Romeon: “I won’t lie to you if Economics was song it would be the story of OJ, by Jay Z” Bontle disagrees “what’s nice about that song because it’s boring all you see cartoons in the video” Romeo: “Uyadlala wena, awukho serious, if you knew about investments that

#Spend or Return? A R14 million question

Money can be such a weakness....

By Dumezweni Ndweni With the majority of South African students relying on government for funding and tertiary fees, many students do not get the opportunity to study further or complete their studies due to lack of funds. Students from poor households put their education hope on