Tshepiso Malema has a vision for business.


TSHEPISO MALEMA FROM IVORY PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL Has a vision worthy of your investment!

Written by Monica Kethwa
Photos by Tshepiso Malema

My name is Tshepiso Malema from Ivory Park, I am 16 years old doing grade 10 at Ivory Park Secondary School. I am from a family of 3 children of which I’m a second born. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost my father in 2016, that’s when I started being independent and taking responsibilities. My entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age when I used to have a small business, selling ice on a hot day of school, from a young age I never saw money in a consumer's perspective, in other words I don’t look at money and ask myself what it can buy for me instead I ask myself what it can do for me to bring more money. I even save my pocket money but not to starve myself at school. 

As an entrepreneur I had identified a challenge in my community and came up with a solution. I realized that substance abuse on the young people has become the biggest issue.  Most teenagers cannot find entertainment facilities in their communities; therefore they‘re left with very little to no option but to jump into unhealthy and dangerous forms of entertainment which could affect the rest of their lives. 

I am a solution

Selling fat cakes to get educated


My name is Puleng Lelefa, 5th child out of 7. Grew up in Wonderkop village a place surrounded by mines. I went to Maruatona primary school 2001-2006; Tlhapimoruwe middle school 2007-2009 (before it was changed into primary school) then Rakgatla high school 2010-2012. I was the most quite