Loadshedding during Exams, well-done Eskom.

Loadshedding has kicked in, all over the country, at just the right time for the exams.

Never mind the fact that Small Businesses have paid the biggest prize during Loadshedding; school children are the next target for Eskom's black out sessions.

The controversial General Education Certificate.

Opinion Article by Dumi Mbona.

At Grade 9 your child can leave school with a General Education Certificate.

General Education Certificate planned by the Department of Basic Education has sparked controversy about the overall education and it's quality.

Unemployment vs 4th Industrial revolution

Can you feel the unemployment squeeze?

I swear the situation just got real for many graduates who find themselves with a

The country is going to have elections in 2019.


By Sihle Manana

Sihle went to the streets of Vlakfontein to hear what young people have to say about the upcoming elections.

19 Year Old France Success Mahlobo

For me elections mean I have a voice

Are you too young to think investment?


Written by Romeo Michael Moyo.

Young people have a really hard time defining the term investment. In fact this is a foreign language among young people. Things that dominate our conversations on the streets are short cuts to anything and everything. Unfortunately such thinking brings with

Information is the new world currency


By Dumezweni-Ndweni

How to survive the Age of Information?

Today’s society can be defined as the Age of Information.  The access to information has never been this easy in the history of time. Presenting with it, a particular struggle where individuals