Chronicles of The Unemployed

Written by Dumi Mbona

About the book

Chronicles of the Unemployed is a book that chronicles the life of the unemployed.

Often times the story of the unemployed is told by the employed which compromises the quality of the story.

The book is not only telling the story of the unemployed but it educates the reader to have a full understanding of the meaning “the unemployed”. Normally the term “unemployed” is defined as somebody without a job; but the book explores the meaning of being unemployed as a mother, a father, a bread winner, a young person with hopes and aspirations.

What makes this book important is that it shares practical techniques which can be used by the unemployed people to come out of unemployment and create a living for themselves. The techniques Dumi talks about in the book have been tried and tested by him over the last 10 years as an unemployed.

South Africa and the world is suffering from Covid-19, but unemployment is the biggest time bomb that might explode anytime soon, solutions are urgently needed and this book has nuggets that may be crucial in fighting unemployment.

WHO is Dumi Mbona?

Dumi Mbona is a Durban born social activist and social entrepreneur who has defied the odds in order to curve his way to where he is today.

Dumi’s life is nothing short of a miracle; having survived severe abuse at home where he was almost murderd by his father; he opted to live on the street, a talented soccer player he was, he drew much liking from the onlookers. One of those onlookers would become a friend and a big brother to Dumi which led to another segment of life and gangsterism.

In his late teen years he would find himself in a church where he was given a shelter by the good Samaritan family Ivor and Sandy Chalmers.

Fast forward to 2010 when Dumi was at the peak of his life as a young man he experienced the most ruthless dismissal from a job he loved and dedicated himself to. The well known Durban Business man who established one of the biggest orphanages in South Africa unleashed his fury to a then young Dumi full of dreams! Those dreams were smashed and shattered at once, something that shaped Dumi’s approach to life.

The incident of losing his job forced Dumi to either opt for life on the street or to go back to a house he ran away from since 1996.

From that moment on he started the journey of surviving unemployment which is chronicled on this book!

During the period of being unemployed, Dumi has established himself as of the prominent entertainment events organizer and a music promoter. Along the series of many projects he established, Tag My School Magazine is another project which has enjoyed success in the online media space.

Currently he runs a campaign where he interacts with unemployed young people to mentor them using the book as a resource.

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