collaborative learning

By Linford Molaodi

The 27 year old teacher, Ntwanano, who matriculated at N’wanati High School in Makahlule village, his place of birth in Limpopo has gained recognition through his commitment to Collaborative Learning and teaching strategy. This year, Ntwanano is participating in community of practice with 5 different continents that constitute emancipated educators.

Due to us moving into the fourth industrial revolution, young teachers are prone to be more technologically advanced than older educators. This then results in principals and management having a phobia of being replaced and seen as inferior than the young generation, more especially when it comes to the scale and quick pace at which technology is being introduced in schools. Moreover, there are certain stereotypes attached to young educators’ work ethic.

Young educators are perceived as lazy and more prone to negative media attached to schools. However, I feel as though this sets us back as a developing nation.  Growth and development of young educators is prohibited as they are given little trust and opportunities to exercise their teaching profession.

Lack of resources

South Africa, as a developing country, is bound to have some imbalances, most of them being economical. Most schools do not have teaching and learning material, however that should never be an excuse to prohibit teaching and learning. During lesson preparations, an educator should develop strategies to deliver content irrespective of barriers created by lack of resources.

Multiple teaching strategies should be developed to enhance learner performance. Technology introduced in some schools is a mere implementation to increase content delivery and learning. However, this does not mean that learners who were taught without the use of smartboard are less knowledgeable.

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want to touch the world and teach. I want to develop my MASTERIT company that foster collaborative learning and help educators in South Africa master collaborative learning.  This will also help educators to stay connected globally and share teaching skills. Already, we are in in the 4th Industrial Revolution, so technology is our future and this means that we should all be emancipated about technology in order to adapt to the changing environment.