The Department of Basic Education has developed a policy that will make condoms available in schools for children as small as 12-years-old. This is in response to the high number of school children getting pregnant each and every year.

A 12-year-old will now learn how to use a condom……think about that for a minute or two.

The intelligent and highly qualified people at the Department of Basic Education had a high-level meeting to discuss learners getting pregnant. One person raised a hand to say “I have a perfect solution, let’s give them condoms.” Everyone in that meeting, eyes lit up, nodded their heads impressed with the suggestion.

They compiled this ground-breaking solution and presented it to high-level Basic Education leadership which is made up of Grannies, Mothers, and Fathers. They also were so impressed by this that it was passed as a policy.

The level of stupidity at the Department of Basic Education is beyond hopeless, it is tragic, to say the least.

First, most pregnancies are between the adult and the minor, which means that is a Statutory Rape. The law has to be applied. Sex with the under 17-year-old has no consent, that is pure rape. Therefore, when the DBE gives these kids condoms, what message are they communicating?


To make matters worse, DBE continues to undermine parents and guardians when they sit and make such decisions. No consultation with communities where these children come from.

The sex education is going according to plan which is to f*ck up your child’s mind. Now that children are exposed to information about sex, and they become curious which results in high pregnancies, the solution is to give the minors permission to have sex using condoms.

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The policy is embarrassing and should be stopped. Whoever suggested it, should be fired.

Quick advice for the DBE officials, stop developing policies with your heads deeper where the sun does not shine. Reach out to the community and ask for solutions if you fail to do your jobs. The cabbage between your ears needs a bit of cooking because we cannot have the 12-year-old school kids getting pregnant and the solution we can think of is to give them condoms.

Everyone is talking about teenage pregnancies and parents talking to their kids about sex, but very little is said about pornography. From soft porn which is widespread through music videos, soapies, and TV programming, to hard-core porn that kids are faced with.

The truth is no one is prepared to face up the influence of porn on these kids impregnating and getting pregnant. Yet the best solution is to give them condoms. Regulate pornography, and government can achieve this through various technologies working together with the internet networks.

Engage Indigenous Organizations, Faith Organizations, and so on in developing an original means of combating these pregnancies. Hope this helps.