If you saw the Director General of Basic Education tweet about school infrastructure you may think he’s a comedian until you realize that haibo! the man is actually serious.

Mr. Hubert Mweli share pictures of the school toilets recently completed and his tweet read “We are determined to give our learners the best and bit by bit eradicate pit latrines”

Here are the pics shared with the public by the DG:

You are not the only one who thought that the DG may have become a comedian full of jokes, only problem is, his jokes were not that funny, twitter users engaged the DG on his bad Jokes:

“No flushing mechanism for the urinals, no doors for the toilets, just corruption vibes” twitter user wrote. The DG to his defense he addressed the concerns of his unamused audience and this was his response “It is incorrect to make conclusion based on work currently being done. These projects have not yet been handed over but they are being finalised.” BS right?

Twitter users continued to call out the DG bluffs: ” Stop lying. Those walls are not going any higher. The toilet is also shin high, how do you expect a person to comfortably sit on those?” The user then zoomed in on one of the pics to assist the DG of Jokes,

“I’m not Bob the builder but it doesn’t look like they’re planning to add doors either” one twitter user wrote.

Well more twitter users commented “Seriously?? You are maintaining the non sense that this is an unfinished project? I’m angry that you are insulting our intellect like that.”

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“You know what, I’m a civil engineer by profession and you can’t install toilet seat and toilet paper holder until you have finished brickwork so do lie to the public. This is disgusting and unacceptable.”

It is clear from the comments that audience didn’t find DG Mweli’s jokes aside funny as he may have expected it to be: “The big mistake was coming on here expecting applause for work that is substandard, shows no consideration for privacy and human decency. If the school grading system is anything to go by, an A can’t be awarded simply for effort.” One user concluded.

The incompetencies saga at the Department of Basic Education continue without hope of it ever changing. Go check it out for yourself here.