school uniforms

by Dumi Mbona

South Africa is a developing country dealing with teething pains such as many families living below the poverty lines. Education may be for free but not entirely. There is still a lot to consider like uniforms and stationary and all the accessories required for school.

Now there is an old culture that somehow informally accepted within the schooling world and that is celebrating Matric by writing on to school uniforms, tearing them apart etc. It’s a culture that has gone from generations to generations. We know that schools have students political bodies who at times advocate for a lot of things depending on their political goal in that particular time. We have seen these bodies fighting against the public publishing of results; something that various media houses have adhered to. How come they have not picked up on the issue of uniforms destroying as a celebration to completing your schooling?

At the begin of this article we talked about South African families who still live below the poverty lines due to high rates of unemployment. When schools open these families have to find means to purchase new school uniforms and other necessities for school.

Don’t you guys think it would be a great idea to have matriculants preserving their uniforms to give to learners coming after them? Donating these school uniforms will teach learners to be sensitive towards learners that cannot afford. But also you would have done good for someone else by giving them your school uniform provided it is in good shape.

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Class of 2018 reading this article have a great opportunity to help those behind them.

These are something the school can run as a project, on the last of school have donation boxes or ask learners to package their uniforms nicely and live them on the desk. There are orphanages that can benefit from such kind acts. Class of 2018 what will it be? Damaged school uniform or donation to those less fortunate than you?

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