By Sihle Manana

Sihle went to the streets of Vlakfontein to hear what young people have to say about the upcoming elections.

19 Year Old France Success Mahlobo

For me elections mean I have a voice in what’s happening in the country. I have a say in who leads the country next. I believe in the Democracy of our nation hence I’m exercising my democratic right to vote.

The party of my choice will bring change.

We are a former colony which means that our economy is run by foreign entities, therefore by voting I am helping to bring change in that. But also looking at our past as a country, we should really treasure the opportunity to vote.

Our politicians are walking up and down our streets this is because of elections; these are tendencies that need to stop. Leaders in our country need to be this visible and attentive to our needs not only when we are closer to elections. If every young person out there could vote, we would have shown our strength as a youth. This is a perfect platform for young people to voice out their opinion on who they want to lead them into the future.

I don’t think young people can bring changes in our communities but I know that young people can bring changes because I am already doing it. I promote teaching and learning in schools by making sure that children are in class no matter what it takes.

Due to lack of proper education politics in our country are what they are, and our people cannot apply themselves in putting pressure on our politicians.

I am inspired by Dr. Blade Nzimande the current Min. of Transport because he speaks the truth no matter what. Even Julius Malema he keeps Parliament members accountable which is good.

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So my fellow young people out there go and vote for a party that can grant you liberty to a better future. Transforming today into something great tomorrow.

23 Year Old Nhlanhla Manana

I will not be voting this year because I don’t see any improvement regardless of many promises by politicians. We are sitting at home unemployed, young people depressed and in drugs but we voted not this time. I don’t have a vote because even when you do vote things remain the same. I think our forefathers had it good, at the moment it’s free for all.

If I was the leader I would get rid of drugs and open up job opportunities. Young people are on the streets unemployed this has to change practically not as a promise for my vote. My message to our leaders is please do not discriminate uneducated people because not all of us are academically gifted. Find ways to accommodate those without education into workforce also because they have other skills that add value into our economy.

26 Year George Makwakwa

Elections are all about money now; people buy votes by making empty promises. I have never voted before since people voted into power think about themselves only. In Parliament leaders are after their personal benefits which are: money, wealth and corruption, it’s no longer about people’s voices.

Our Parliament has become a joke. It should have set an example for us but lately it’s not been a good example. Our freedom fighters laid a foundation, then came this current crop of leaders today and messed that foundation. Politics used to have a meaning and we used to believe in it, but now it’s just about numbers.

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So I’m not excited at all about elections and nope I’m not going to vote.

I’m my own inspiration and if I were to change anything in my community I would encourage people not to depend on Government.

Secondly I would motivate young people to take matters about their future into their own hands. So that they can be dedicated and hardworking.

My message to politicians and our leaders is: they should stop making politics about themselves, it’s not about them but it’s about the people.

I would encourage young people to not wait for government handouts but take responsibility for their future. Voting is a matter of choice, so if it works for them then they should go out and vote. For me I won’t be participating until that time I see at least 30% of corruption drops but for now no. And corruption is not a government’s fault but it’s our fault for voting them into government, so for me I don’t have anyone I can trust with my vote at the moment.