Elections are upon us and we have witnessed political parties coming into our homes asking for votes. We spoke to learners asking them to advise their parents on how they should vote in these elections and here is what they said:

Respondent 1

What to vote for? I would ask them to vote for the EFF.

Why? If we are being really honest, their promises are fairly unreal, nonetheless, they might still accomplish much more and implement greater improvements regarding youth unemployment, I believe that there would be a decrease in crime. And the end, or better yet, the lessening of load shedding and all the bad things that are happening in the nation. For the previous five years, Ramaphosa has promised job opportunities since the last elections but dololo, no jobs, things have gotten worse. We should make informed decisions about the future now. Load shedding has increased to 16 hours each or more each week. We cannot do another 5 years under the same governance.

Advice: My advice to the EFF is that they should behave per their word and not only make empty promises. Instead of promising us a falsehood, let them truthfully guide us to a better South Africa.

Respondent 2

What to vote for? I think they should vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Why? The DA seems to care about our future. They focus on education and job creation, which are so
important to me because I worry about finding a good job after school.

Advice: Please be honest and fight corruption. We need leaders we can trust to make real changes and
improve our lives.

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Respondent 3

What to vote for? I would suggest considering the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Why? The EFF promises radical change and seems to understand the struggles of poor families
like ours. They focus on land reform and economic justice, which could help people in our

Advice: Remember the poor and don’t forget your promises. We need real, tangible changes, not just

Respondent 4

What to vote for? Maybe we should give the African National Congress (ANC) another chance.

Why? The ANC has been around for a long time and has done a lot of good in the past. I believe they
can still turn things around if they focus on the right issues, like fixing education and healthcare.

Advice: Please focus on improving our schools and hospitals. We need a better future, and it starts with
education and health.

Respondent 5

What to vote for? I think the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) deserves a chance.

Why? The IFP has strong community values and focuses on traditional leadership and family. They
might help bring stability and respect back to our communities.

Advice: Please work on bringing communities together and respecting our traditions while also focusing
on modern issues like job creation.

Respondent 6

What to vote for? Consider voting for the Freedom Front Plus (FF+).

Why? The FF+ seems to advocate for minority rights and ensure that all cultural groups have a voice.
This is important for us to feel represented and heard.

Advice: Focus on unity and equality. Make sure every South African feels they have a place in this

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Respondent 7

What to vote for? I suggest looking into the United Democratic Movement (UDM).

Why? The UDM talks a lot about fair governance and reducing corruption. We need leaders who are
serious about making our government work for everyone.

Advice: Be fair and transparent. Show us that you can lead with integrity and make decisions that
benefit all of us, not just a few.

Respondent 8

What to vote for? How about the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)?

Why? The ACDP focuses on family values and ethical leadership. I think we need more morality and
care in politics.

Advice: Lead with kindness and honesty. Show us that you care about our families and our future.

Respondent 9

What to vote for? Maybe we should consider the Good Party.

Why? The Good Party focuses on good governance and fighting corruption. They also care about urban
issues and fixing cities, which is important for our family living in the city.

Advice: Please improve our cities and make them safer and cleaner. We need leaders who can make our
daily lives better.

Respondent 10

What to vote for? Think about voting for the African Transformation Movement (ATM).

Why? The ATM seems to focus on spiritual and ethical leadership, which I think could bring a different
perspective to our government.

Advice: Lead with your hearts and stay true to your promises. We need leaders who can inspire us and
bring positive change.

Respondent 11

What to vote for? I recommend looking into the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC).

Why? The PAC focuses on the liberation and empowerment of African people. They talk about land
reform and economic equality, which could help our family and community.

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Advice: Remember the struggle of our people and fight for true equality. We need leaders who are
dedicated to real change and justice.

Respondent 12

What to vote for? I recommend looking into the African National Congress (ANC)

Why? They are the ones that gave foreign people access into getting SA documents,
without them there would be a lot of xenophobia and the economy wouldn’t be stable.
ANC has helped a lot of lives and tried to stop corruption and create job opportunities.

Advice: To change. Say what they mean and stay true to their citizens.

Young people have spoken, hear them well, and be responsible with your vote.

Elections are an important occasion for any democratic country; young people have registered in numbers to cast their vote. This is the moment we need to change leaders who have not performed well. The right to vote came through the sacrifices of freedom fighters, who laid down their lives so that we can have an opportunity to choose who we want to administrate our country.

Tag My School Magazine prays for peaceful and successful elections in South Africa.