Engen Computer School celebrates first S. Durban Community graduates of the year 

Another 60 members of the South Durban community have had their chances of entering the workplace improved after graduating from the Engen Computer School. 

The group, who enrolled in February 2021, graduated on 4 June, and are excited to put their new skills into practice. 

Over the past decade, Engen’s free computer skills training has transformed many lives in South Durban, with over 2 200 graduates to date having their prospects of finding employment positively enhanced by attending the Engen Computer School.  

“At Engen, we believe that continuous community upskilling will ensure resilience and readiness in today’s everchanging and demanding new digital world,” comments Sykry Hassim, General Manager of the Engen Refinery.  

The Engen Computer School has put stringent Covid-19 safety protocols in place, including reducing the class from 80 to 60 students, to allow for social distancing. The group of 60 students was further split into two groups, with regular equipment sanitization, mask wearing at all times, social distancing and the installation of Perspex screens. 

Engen Computer School

“The direct impact of Covid-19 has broadened the inequality and digital skills gap in South Africa. The support of Engen in helping to bridge the digital divide and help facilitate the sustainable development of our communities is now more important than ever,” says Hassim. 

According to Sheryl Casalis, the course convener and training director, 45 learners who commenced training in February were successful and received certificates of completion and being competent in the following unit standards:  

Engen Computer School
Unit Standard US Name 
116932 Operate a personal computer system 
258883 Use Generic Functions in Windows 10 Environment 
117867 Managing files in a Windows 10 Environment 
116938 Use Microsoft Word to Create and Edit documents 
116937 Use Microsoft Excel to Create & Edit spreadsheets 
116933 Use Microsoft PowerPoint to Create and Edit a Slide 
116945 Use Microsoft Outlook to Send and Receive Messages 
116931 Use a Web-Browser to Search the Internet 
Engen Computer School

“We are proud of all our graduates who have had to endure through these challenging times and look forward to welcoming the next group of students. Our second course starts on 3 June 2021 and our third on 9 September 2021,” says Casalis. 

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The Engen Computer School offers South Durban residents introductory-level computer skills training, covering eight units of the National Certificate: Information Technology, End User Computing qualification.   

“The Engen Computer School gives graduates the knowledge and confidence to go out and seek jobs that would otherwise have been beyond their reach,” adds Hassim. 

Well known in the local community and almost always boasting a waiting list of people wanting to upskill themselves, course applicants must be unemployed school-leavers and reside in South Durban.  

Engen Computer School

While matric and age criteria are not prescribed, most students who attend the school are aged from 20 to 40.  

“As a caring and responsible company, Engen is both proud and humbled to play a small role in positively changing lives of community members who reside in an area close to the Engen Refinery,” says Hassim. 

“Engen is committed to stepping up and doing the right thing, starting with paying special attention to the people in the communities in which we operate.”