It’s exams time; a mentally stressful time for learners. Do you really have what it takes to handle that kind of pressure?

Look, fear is the negative energy that runs through your body. It creates intensity in your blood vessels; your heart pumps faster than usual and that makes you to not think straight.

A challenge has been placed in front of you in a form of an exam.

Truth is at that moment you are only thinking about yourself, how well you want to do?

Everyone in your life is expecting you to succeed. Wow that’s quite a task won’t you agree?

Pressure created from all angles during exams, what do you do to handle it?

  1. Remember that you are not the only one writing exams. Therefore you have other people whom you can share knowledge with.
  2. You are at the grade you in on merit not by chance. That means you are capable to handle the challenge in front of you.
  3. Do not concern yourself about what’s in the paper, after all you know your stuff. Trust your abilities, be confident in what you know.
  4. Which means you don’t study to pass but you study to understand.
  5. When under pressure breath slowly; this helps slow down your heart rate; which means your heart will supply efficient blood to your brain. This will ensure optimized brain functionality because of enough oxygen supply through the efficient blood flow.

Change your attitude!

Dude your attitude stinks……

Attitude determines how far you can get; if your attitude is “eish these exams will be difficult” then you will reap what you sow.

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But if your attitude is “I am well prepared, I know my stuff very well” success is assured.


With the latter response you will be able to use the energy called “fear” to develop appetite for success.

Pressure exists to make us better. When you squeeze the juice out of an orange what do you apply? Let’s say it together: PRESSURE.

Therefore your language will change from “I’m scared to I’m excited” about exams.

Fear creates anxiety and panics which may lead into clouded thinking during exams.

To overcome this you need to trust in your training: like an athlete who trains hours for a game, you also have studied hours for exams. Your coaches have been there for you, preparing you for these days.

Successful athletes run the race over and over in their minds. They imagine themselves winning the race. You also need to picture your exams; visualise the paper infront of you marked with Distinction.

See yourself smiling through that paper. When you do that, you are practising success in your mind.

On the day of the exams, your mind is familiar with the set up. You would have aced that exam a hundred times in your mind.

Finally it’s in front of you, watch what happens.

There’s good and bad pressure, exams pressure is good.

Practice makes perfect, therefore practice success with your exams you will not regret it.