Mblee The Duurt bossing up…

Mblee Mabaso is a young lady from Soweto who broke into the music scene by winning the VUZU TV competition, The Hustle Season 2.

In 2018 she dropped an EP titled The Duurt which can be found on Sound Cloud and other streaming platforms.

She also runs her own hip-hop online TV show.

Talking to us about her journey as a versatile artist this is what she had to say:

You’re a young business woman, a Rapper, TV host, and Radio Presenter which one stands out for you?

I love everything I do; they all involve talking and self-expression. I find comfort in a challenge, reinventing myself as a Chef and CEO.

What makes you a go getter?

The urgency for success in sustaining myself financially and also the possibility of the unknown.

Very few female rappers around, how do you navigate your way around such male dominated industry?


I trust my craft and I am able to work without second guessing myself. It’s unfortunate that women are so underrated; we are more talented.

It helps getting along with the guys because they are so well received. It’s easy to just play along.

What inspired you to be a rapper?

I literally grew up obsessed with music, it gives me chills. My ability to memorize raps shocked me so I decided to try writing rhymes and practiced until I felt I was good enough.

Your EP The Duurt, what’s your favourite song?

Mbleetheduurt is definitely my favorite. It’s so close to home it’s not even funny. It felt like I left my heart on that memo pad.

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Now all your songs are unique and of great quality, what inspires your sound?

My sound is inspred by Hip-hop and RnB melodies. I’m very versatile, I vibe with Afropop and Neo Soul, bit of Trap drums here and there.

You have interviewed many super stars, which one did you enjoy and who gave you the most difficult time?

I loved interviewing JiD from Dreamville. And the worst interview was Ricky Rick, he was extremely disinterested. I was disappointed mainly because I thought he was for the culture.

Many artists go through depression due to their music not generating sales or seen on TV, what is your advice?

Keep reinventing yourself there is so much to do in the world; don’t pressure yourself to be inspired; find an inspiration in other things; trends and sounds change all the time.

How to balance between creating music you love and creating music that sells?

I’m at the point where I release what I want. It’s not always about the money, people will jump onto the wave its fire and it’s resonate with them; those are the people I’m doing this for.

SA Music Industry is quite small and easily manipulated, how can this change?

If they allow New Wave into the game. The industry is rotating the same acts it’s boring. Gate keepers and promoters need to step up.

Your top 5 greatest songs of all time.

Wow this is a tough one – Drake: Trust Issues, Mblee: Coco Chanel, Summer Walker: Playing Games, Earthgang: Tequila and Gunna: One Call.

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