Your children are a soft target to advance the darkest immorality shaping our society today. World leaders also have moral failures hidden behind their closets of fame. Individually, these policymakers have that fundamental drive that originates from the darkest part of who they are. Their darkness pops up now and again. But you and I have this veil that keeps us blind, even though we see. The psychological defeat keeps us behind bars in our minds. 

The media is the chief architect of this psychological prison. These world leaders and policymakers control and manipulate the media, leading to a well-orchestrated advancement of moral decay. Influencers (a new breed of prostitutes) are then given a platform to drive the dark and evil agenda to the most innocent and unsuspecting audience, your children.

Hi, my name is Dumi Mbona, the editor of Tag My School Magazine, and I say no to gender-neutral toilets in our schools.

Angie Motshekga and her department have been given a license to mess up your kids for far too long. As a society, we screamed and squalled to the deaf ears of a government hell-bent on converting your children to gender confusion. 

Gender-neutral toilets

The Western Cape government, under the leadership of DA’s Alan Winde, is the first government to introduce gender-neutral toilets in schools. This gender-neutral toilet is a long-term government project alongside many other destructive projects by the Department of Basic Education, such as ensuring that your children have condoms in those gender-neutral toilets in primary schools. The same Western Cape Department of Education also proposed that alcohol must be available in schools; that’s the next policy to be approved soon. 

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All these policies come at the back end of other diabolical policies that have been approved and signed into law. Your child can now identify as a tree! It is unlawful to call a boy “boy” or a girl “girl.”. 

Most parents in affluent areas have pulled their children off the public schooling system and into the private or homeschooling system. Unfortunately, parents in Township and Rural schools do not have the same privileges.

Religious institutions will become key in confronting this evil propaganda head-on. 

Gender-neutral toilets

The world moved on with ease from the Dalai Lama scandal, where he demanded a small boy suck his tongue. The world also kept celebrating all the celebrities who were friends with Jeffery Epstein. Currently, the world is still celebrating and protecting P. Diddy, while Michael Jackson’s king of POP status is untouched, regardless of the scandals he had with little boys. 

Your children remain soft targets for these people’s dark, evil fetishes. It doesn’t stop in Hollywood. The dark evil fetishes influence policies that result in gender-neutral toilets filled with condoms to satisfy child porn fetishes by all those who gave a thumbs up to it. The next thing will be someone with a phone filming your children having sex in the gender-neutral toilet, and your social influencers will post it online, and these pedophiles in government will get their satisfaction.

Okay, okay, maybe I am being too harsh, but let’s look at the main reasons and needs for gender-neutral toilets: 

• Providing a more welcoming and comfortable situation for those who require assistance when using the facilities, such as people with disabilities, those with personal attendants, or parents or guardians of children.

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• Helping minimize potential mistreatment or feeling uncomfortable when accessing gender-specific restrooms.

• Eliminating unnecessary waiting time for a restroom when another bathroom is open but you do not use it because it is not associated with your gender.

• reducing the likelihood of harassment complaints related to the restrooms by creating a more inviting environment.

• Having menstrual products available for any gender who needs them.

Other beneficiaries

• They shorten queues

• They allow children to be accompanied

• They promote equity.

• They are cheaper to install.

Listen, if they were so concerned about transgender or gay people, they would just add toilets to accommodate them and make them comfortable. 

This is an evil war directed at your very identity as a man or woman. Your children won’t resist; they will just fall in line and follow instructions in order to create a new generation of no gender.