Benele Kidwell Magagula is a very passionate individual about Social Science researches and Environmental Management Researches.

I hold an Honours degree in Geography majoring in GIS, Remote Sensing and Strategic Environmental Planning. My interests include Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and Imaging, Transport Planning, Urban Development, Waste/Natural Resource Management, Wetland Conservation and Environmental Impact Assessments.

I am currently expecting to graduate for my MSc Geography under the Department of Science at the University of Johannesburg in the current year of 2021. The focus of my Thesis dissertations is researching the management of Pharmaceutical Waste in the City of Johannesburg households and how Pharmacies assist the general public with taking back unwanted or unused medicines from the general public.

Being at the institution, I have gained so much experience working as a Tutor during my Honours studies as a Geo-information Demonstrator for Undergraduate students. My key responsibilities were to demonstrate the use of practical equipment, conduct experiments, workshops and/or processes and answer questions related to those demonstrations, and also assist students with practical assessments. 


I am still facilitating as an Environmental Management Tutor gaining vast experience in working with students in guiding them with studies, coordinating tutorials and also working with individuals of different abilities and capabilities from different backgrounds.

As part of my responsibilities, I have developed vast knowledge and skills in Geo-spatial analytical research given my experience and commitment to academia.

In addition to this, I am also proficient in software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS and ArcGIS. I am also very flexible and able to work with a team. I am open minded and enjoy brainstorming ideas.

My experience also includes being part of the Applied Centre for Climate Change & Earth Systems program (ACCESS) which focuses on developing a panel of students with awareness on the impact of climate change, science awareness campaignresearch methodology, writing  Reports and Presentation skills.


Having me as part of your team in your organization does not only bring academic skills but value adding innovations as well which may be of great benefit in the move towards the achievement of global sustainable development within the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

Warm Regards

Benele Magagula