My name is Gift Tshifhiwa Tshilowa, I am a 17 year old boy in Grade 11 from Kempton Park West. I’m an upcoming Chef a dream to open up a restaurant chain that will service people in townships. This is still a dream but I do believe that if I can sit down with the right people and share my plan, it can help shape and nurture this dream. I already have plans written down of what I see in the not so distant future.

I believe that most Township restaurants lack right customer service which I believe can set my restaurant chain apart.

Nurturing the dream

I wrote to Tag My School Magazine with hope that someone out there might have a heart and patience to mentor me and also lead me towards the fulfillment of this dream. As young people we are often accused of not focusing on the future. Sometimes encouraged to study so that we can create jobs. I am a young person willing to be a solution to the youth unemployment not a burden.

I am already helping in my church in terms of planning various programs; this is giving me skills such as planning and organizing.

The inspiration comes from…..

My mom is my greatest supporter in this dream since she is helping me learn few cooking basics. So yes I am ready for any cooking challenge thrown at me, I am fast learner so try me! I feel like South African youth is pre-occupied with many issues such as Politics, Strikes, Crime and Violence so much so that we forget to harness trade-skills at an early age.

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Philanthropy in the making

The main aim for my restaurant chain will be to bring a sense of peace, healing and joy to communities. A community that eats together is a community that cares for its own people. My dream is for the homeless people to not be fed like homeless people but a place where homeless people can come and dine with people that will be interested in hearing their stories.

A place where young people in townships will come in and learn things such as table manners, how to use folk and knife such things can help prepare us to meet the world. A place where people can come and rest while listening to music that heals their very soul after a long day of work.

Once my business runs well, I want to assist in getting kids off the street back to school, I know this may be very difficult but they will be those I am able to help change their lives.

Thank you TMS team for creating a platform where we can market our dreams as young people, God bless.