Mr. Khangelani Sibiya is changing learners’ lives through Maths and Science

Mr. Khangelani recently won an Award in India to add to two more awards which he won here in SA.

Here he is talking about his trip to India representing South Africa:

I am grateful to be recognized by my colleagues, learners and parents for doing what I am passionate about.

It is an indication that my work is appreciated, and the world recognizes the impact my team and I have made in Maths and Science.

The experience was awesome; imagine addressing 500 educators from around the world!

Key points on my speech were:

  • Understanding the generation we are teaching, know what makes them tick and adjust accordingly to maximize the impact in the classroom.
  • Education System needs to be restructured according to the current social trends and developments.
  •  And how do we solve challenges that come with the 4th Industrial Revolution in order to serve this generation well.

This encourages me to keep working harder; dedicate myself to the learners because they are the ones that will change their lives, their families and communities. It means that Teaching as a Profession is more than just a classroom interaction with learners; teaching can be recognized and awarded on the global stage for its importance in society.

Through my organization WTS Maths and Science Tutor, we are changing learners’ lives using Maths and Science as tools. Each year 2000+ students come through our programs needing help with Maths and Science. Our approach and style of teaching uses social trends to illustrate various formulas; this has assisted thousands of learners in being accepted at Universities.

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We are changing attitudes of learners towards Maths and Science.

2020 Term one Maths and Science Camp

Our big plan as an organization is to build a center for Maths and Science here in Mzingazi Reserve and we hope that businesses out there can have a look at what we are doing; maybe they may find it worth their time and money.

During the time of compiling this Magazine Issue, Mr. Sibiya was preparing to travel to Dubai to receive yet another Education Award!!