Education in South Africa has gone through a lot of turbulences since the dawn of Democracy. The latest Covid 19 pandemic exposed yet more hurdles faced by the education sector.

However majority of men and women, boys and girls have showed resilience in pursuing the goal of an educated society.

Problems exists as per the Covid 19 revelations especially at the leadership level. Countless issues surfaced which led to the public outcry about the state of education in South Africa.

Rural and Township schools were exposed.

Learners and educators in Rural and Township schools/colleges continue to lack miles behind former Model C schools. Long after a black government took charge of the administration of education, these schools have not topped the priority list.

Covid 19 claimed many casualties within the Basic Education sector. Number of learners who decided not to return to school is not yet known.

In as much as the Basic Education Ministry has received criticism over the shambled handling of the Covid 19 pandemic in schools, they must be applauded for their ability to listen and accept this critism.

Education in South Africa

The launch of the education program with the South African Broadcaster showed a leadership that is willing to improve education in South Africa even though the current efforts are not satisfactory.

The resilience of a black child to get educated

Through the challenging circumstances in Mzansi’s education system, the tenacity to keep going to school by kids in the Rural and Township areas has to be the most heroic thing ever!

The trying conditions which became hundred times more in Covid 19 did not deter these little heroins and heros.

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Speaking to a grade 12 learner Tatho, she admitted to the difficulty they are faced with this year. But the importance of education supersedes any challenges.

If education in South Africa is this important, then shouldn’t we see a more vibrant leadership which will ensure that schools are in good condition, and what is taught is aligned to the current and future trends of the country’s economy?

This week alone there were two contradictory views from respected sources. One view claimed that teachers should become the next millionaires while another claimed that teachers are quitting the profession due to stressful classroom conditions.

These are not as contradictory, the first view states what should be the future of education in South Africa while the other reveals the current reality.

Specialized Learning

With so much information on the fingertips of most children, isn’t it time specialized learning is introduced from as early as lower high school grades?

Speaking to one educator, he lamented the fact that he has to teach a subject that he does not like but because there is a need, he is thrown at this subject and he really hates it.

If an educator feels that way about a particular subject, how do learners cope with subjects they don’t like? Maybe the syllabus should adapt to the learner not the other way round.

If education in South Africa is as important as claimed, then it has to receive a facelift.

Syllabuses need to speak to the current and future trends of the local and global economies. The amount of unemployed graduates should ring the alarm bells that education should no longer produce people who will clutter the labour sector but people that can add value into the expansion of Mzansi’s economy.

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