Youth marketing specialist, 3RC, has launched the gamification approach in their 2.0, an improved take on their online portal. The platform continues to showcase tertiary education institutions all in one place, but with the added twist of tapping into the youth psyche of instant gratification, gaming, metaverses, and more.

It’s been one year since the hugely successful launch of, but once again 3RC has pushed the envelope with its latest innovation – an immersive gaming world where users can discover private tertiary education options, courses, and degrees.


The result is 2.0 and this fresh gamification approach enables students to explore tertiary possibilities in an attention-grabbing, instantly rewarding user journey. 

The latest release comes as a response to the insights gained from 10 focus groups facilitated by 3RC in September 2022. The groups comprised 10 young individuals from different schools, different areas, and different economic backgrounds, in a bid to gauge the Gen Z response to the digital platform,

As a by-product, these sessions provided solutions to an entirely different conundrum – how to connect with a disconnected generation. Excitingly, 3RC had gained unwitting access to the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the youth of South Africa, collecting invaluable data for brands to use in their efforts to connect with the disconnected.

The proof of just how valuable these insights are is evident in the vastly improved user experience of, now more capable of matching the user expectation of their over 12 000 registered users.

So, What’s New?


While the ‘search’ function remains popular, allowing users to search by a college or by career, various other changes were introduced, including:

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Gamification At Another Level

Greeted by a friendly humanoid, users are directed to either the Steam Punk or  Deep Space metaverses, each of which hosts different brands. Users can find the pod they’re looking for, access quizzes and treasure hunts, interact directly within the brand experience, and rely on humanoid introductions, as well as navigation and voice-activated prompts.

Unique College and Brand Pods

Each college and brand pod is designed to fit its tone, manner, and ethos – all of which is filtered through specific brand or college information and downloadable PDFs. The pods also include more interactive opportunities, such as videos and chats. Essentially, each pod represents an individual environment, providing an individual and immersive experience.

New Partners joining the Gamification experience

Gamification accepts new partners throughout the year and already Red & Yellow – Creative School of Business and IT Varsity have come on board.

More Fun, More Reward

Excitingly, Playgirl and Playboy fragrances and Oxy Skincare are joining the ranks of STAEDTLER

and Lee Cooper, adding more engagement and hosting awesome competitions, and interactive games in the Game Arcade. Thanks to these incredible brand relationships, users can win big and small prizes throughout the month. Easy competitions with instant gratification prizes ranging from smaller denominations in the form of products, mobile data, and discount vouchers to bigger prizes.

Career Corner

Herein users can access a repository of all the tools and information needed to inform the direction they plan to take and where to study in order to get there. For example, in Career Corner users can ‘Take a Quiz’ – and keep coming back as new information is added regularly.

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WOW, or ‘World of Work,’ puts together the different fields, various careers, the mandatory subjects and recommended subjects, what to study, where to study, and earning potential in each career. Quite literally everything that a student needs to know about the careers they’re interested in is available in WOW.

Access To Workshops


Through the ‘Auditorium’ users can access workshops that are updated every two weeks, as well as TEDx talks that feature career advice and next steps for young people.

Better Reporting

As each pod is unique, with different outcomes and expectations. The newest iteration of the platform enables better, more accurate reporting of everything that happens within the pods.

The Future Guide Goes Digital

3RC’s annual magazine has gone digital and is now available on, enabling thousands more students and educators to access articles, competitions, guidance, and much more.

3RC Remains Committed To The Youth Of South Africa

With 230 schools already on the calendar, The Rocking Future live shows are almost fully booked for 2023. These live, interactive shows are aimed at engaging Grade 12 students, walking them through various tertiary education options.

Typically the shows run from January to May, across Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and surrounding areas. For those who fall outside of the live-show catchment areas or are unable to secure a booking, 3RC has created toolkits for schools to use in order to get the most out of for their students.

The company continues to improve its offering, remain relevant, and stay true to its ethos of making it possible for more students from all walks of life to broaden their tertiary education options. Through this gamification approach, more students will be able to embark on journeys they never knew were even a reality for them – and change our country for the better as they do so.

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